New Easy Chapter Book Series

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Affiliate Links I love finding new, interesting easy chapter book series, don’t you? Look at these reviews to see what books will appeal to your child and keep him or her reading. Because practice makes better. Read. Read. Read.


New Easy Chapter Book Series

Emma is On the Air Party Drama New Easy Chapter Book Series
Emma Is On the Air Party Drama! by Ida Siegal (series)
Emma and her friends are excited for the costume contest — but when Sophia’s costume disappears mysteriously, the group investigates clues and interviews witnesses to discover what happened. Her group of friends finds news and shares it in video news reports. (MYSTERY BOOKS)


Wagger's Tale New Easy Chapter Book Series
Waggit’s Tale 
by Peter Howe (series)
Waggit is abandoned in the park. Fortunately, a group of dogs takes him in and helps him survive. He lives with them for many months, including a hard winter, but when a friendly woman feeds him and gives him a home, he finds his forever home. I love how this book hooks readers from page one and keeps you engaged. It’s interesting, emotional, and well-written.


All Paws on Deck (Haggis and Tank Unleashed #1) New Easy Chapter Book Series
All Paws on Deck (Haggis and Tank Unleashed #1)
by Jessica Young (series)
In a word: HILARIOUS! These two dog friends with opposite personalities (and intelligences?) sail on a fun and silly pirate adventure. You will fall in love of Tank and Haggis.


Pups of the Frozen North New Easy Chapter Book Series
Pugs of the Frozen North
 by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre
This story is a delightful romp in the snow with brave and kind Sika and Shen and their yippy Pug dogs who are pulling their sled to reach the Snowfather in a race which if they succeed, they’ll receive a wish.


Jaden beginning chapter book with diversity New Easy Chapter Book Series
Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest Episode 1: The Quest for Screen Time  by Marti Dumas
What kid doesn’t want more screen time? Jaden has a plan for convincing his parents that he needs more time — and he’s going to use his big brain and his fellow kindergarteners to help. So happy to see a GOOD story with diversity!


Rider Woofson New Easy Chapter Book Series
Rider Woofson: The Case of the Missing Tiger’s Eye
by Walker Styles, illustrated by Ben Whitehouse (series)
Filled with lots of punny doggie words, this is a clever and fun easy chapter book about a group of detective dogs!


New Easy Chapter Book Series
West Meadow Detectives: The Case of the Snack Snatcher
by Liam O’Donnell, illustrated by Aurelie Grand
Myron’s new school isn’t too bad because there’s a mystery — who is stealing the snacks every morning? He and his new friend, Hajrah, both in a special class for half the day, determine to get to the bottom of this mystery. I liked the diversity of students and though the story was well-paced and interesting.


Sofia Martinez My Vida Loca New Easy Chapter Book Series
Sofia Martinez My Vida Loca by Jacquline Jules (series)
Perfecto! My Vida Loca is a warm-hearted beginning chapter book about the adventures of a spunky girl named Sopha — from her singing (that annoys everyone except abuela) to a cooking mishap of arroz con leche that her familia helps her fix. I love the bright pink text that indicates the Spanish words (maybe 1 or 2 a page). Illustrations are fun, capturing the emotions and action perfectamente.


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The Case of the Claymore Diamond Math Inspectors by Daniel Kenney and Emily Boever (series)
Viva math! These friends love math and are proud of it — in fact, they’re sure they can use their math skills to solve crimes. This first mystery is about a jewelry store robbery. And they do solve it by finding clues that the police miss, freeing an innocent man. This is a delightful easy chapter book series.
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  1. What a great list! I wasn’t familiar with the Sophia Martinez series. I’m so glad you introduced it. There aren’t enough books with latina characters and My Vida Loca looks fun and entertaining.