Ada Twist Scientist and The Questioneers Books

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Ada Twist Scientist and the Questioneers children’s picture books are not to be missed! As my kids settle into their school year, I keep thinking about Ms. Lila Greer and how happy they would be if they were in her second-grade class, even though neither one of them is in second grade yet. It would be a different kind of fun from Ms. Frizzle’s wacky class, less magical adventuring but an even more clever group of classmates!

Ada Twist Scientist and The Questioneers Books

If you are wondering who Ms. Lila Greer is, and haven’t read the whole Questioneers Collection yet, then you have something fun to look forward to! With their endearing illustrations, plucky rhyme scheme, and courageous and inspiring characters, each one of these picture books is better than the last. They also have so many other cool offerings, a family calendar, and activity books filled with great ideas and projects to try at home.

Ada Twist Scientist

There is even a very cute Netflix show called Ada Twist, Scientist starring Iggy Peck, Architect, Rosie Revere, Engineer, and of course, Ada Twist Scientist herself!

Ada Twist Scientist Books

We love reading these picture books over and over, and we just recently started on the chapter books too. Here are our favorites from the Ada Twist Scientist bunch, all written by Andrea Beatty and illustrated by David Roberts.

Ada Twist Scientist and The Questioneers Books

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez
While walking to school one morning, Sofia’s Abuelo trips and hurts his ankle at the local landfill. Sofia knows that landfill space could be turned into an amazing park for her community, so she gathers up all her courage and goes to city hall to get something done. But can a second grader really make a difference for her community? Of course! This is one not to be missed, especially for any civic-minded kiddos!

Aaron Slater, Illustrator
Aaron has wanted to be a writer since he was a sweet baby listening to stories read and told to him by his family. But as he gets to school, he realizes that writing and reading are a challenge for him and he finds other ways to express himself, like beautiful art! Such a poignant tale, especially for anyone who has struggled with reading and writing skills.

Ada Twist, Scientist
Named for acclaimed scientist Ada Lovelace, Ada Twist Scientist is a curious scientist with many ideas and projects up her science sleeves! With all her science studies, the thing she learns is how to be both curious and patient in all of her experiments. Ada Twist Scientist is just right for any budding scientist and pairs well with the Ada Twist’s Big Project Book for Stellar Scientists.

Ada Twist Scientist The Why Files
AdaTwist, Scientist: The Why Files
Another book series with our friend Ada Twist Scientist that answers many burning questions, including why do some plants have flowers and some don’t. Each one of these nonfiction books has a different theme, like plant life, bugs, flight, or the science of baking, and is just right for kindergarten and second grade. (Each one is written by Andrea Beatty with help from an expert in the field.)

Rosie Revere Engineer written by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts
Rosie is an exuberant inventor who uses things around her to invent wonderful contraptions — like the flying machine she makes for her great-great-aunt Rose. When it doesn’t fly, Rosie thinks she’s failed. But her wise Aunt Rose shows Rosie that failure is a success — and that failure only happens if you quit.

The Questioneers Book Set 1-4 
Even more fun with the Questioneer bunch! The first four chapter books focus on Ada, Sofia, Rosie, and Iggy and are just as fun and engaging as the picture books. We really enjoyed Iggy Peck and The Mysterious Mansion because we love a mysterious mansion, but all of them are great reads geared for ages five and up.

Ada Twist Wall Calendar
Ada Twist Scientist Calendar
Stay organized and on track with Ada Twist Scientist! Though I don’t have this one myself, I am so tempted by it because I think it would make all of my mundane daily scheduling seem so much more fun and exciting!

Any book you choose from the Ada Twist Scientist vast collection is a good one, whether you want to read about a second-grade scientist, community organizer, illustrator, or engineer. (I have hopes they will someday write a whole story about the illustrious teacher, Ms. Lila Greer, who makes an appearance in each book.) No need to go in order when deciding where to start, any one of these smart books is a good beginning to your Questioneers journey!

Which one of the Ada Twist Scientist characters would you want to spend the day with if you had to choose just one?

Ada Twist, Scientist and The Questioneers Books


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