Order of the Night Jay Exclusive

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Order of the Night Jay (Book One): The Forest Beckonsthe first book in writer/creator Jonathan Schnapp’s three-part graphic novel series perfect for any young reader that’s ever felt like an outcast, or has had trouble making friends, and for any kid discovering their own independence… but is ready to go home and tell mom and dad about it when the summer is over.

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Jonathan is sharing an exclusive excerpt on Imagination Soup today!

He shares, After reading ‘Order of the Night Jay’, I hope that young readers develop an interest and appreciation for nature, and are inspired to learn and explore the world around them. But, I also hope it gets kids thinking about diversity and inclusion. One of the book’s main themes is that everyone has their own experiences and environment (family, school, etc.) that help shape who they are. We can’t just make assumptions based on what we see on the outside. ‘Order of the Night Jay’ uses different animals as a simple substitution for race, religion, sex, gender, etc.”

Order of the Night Jay Exclusive

About Jonathan Schnapp

Jonathan Schnapp lives in Rochester, NY, with his amazing wife and two obnoxious cats. He spends most of his time painting, drawing, writing, and running around the neighborhood. He also has worked with several STEM companies, doing STEM things. He received his MFA in Imaging Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2008. While not his first comic, Order of the Night Jay is his first published graphic novel.

Order of the Night Jay Exclusive



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