14 Best Barbie Books to Read with Kids

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The Barbie doll continues to be popular year after year with new dolls, movies for kids (and now the popular Barbie movie for adults), outfits, accessories, and books. While I don’t usually review Barbie books like these, they have their place because they can hook fans of Barbie on reading and stories. That’s a good thing!

My kids loved their Barbies and played with them until middle school. My youngest even had a Three Musketeers birthday party based on the Barbie movie.

Since both my kids loved the movies, dolls, and books, including a cute flip book that we read ALL the time, I’m wondering if your kids like Barbies. If so, would they like these books, too?

Barbie books for kids

Barbie Books

Barbie Picture Books

Now Barbie books are in the Little Golden Books collection. You’ll see several of them below. In these picture books, you’ll notice some of the Barbie books are based on movies or video series while others are based on the dolls and their careers.

The Story of Barbie and the Woman Who Created Her by Cindy Eagan, illustrated by Amy Bates
In this biography of Ruth Handler, learn about the woman who invented Barbie and Ruth’s dreams of inspiring girls to believe in themselves and imagine many kinds of careers. Lovely illustrations!

Barbie Mermaid Power by Golden Books
Malibu and her sisters are cleaning up trash when her mermaid necklace begins to glow, which tells her that Isla needs help. They all jump into the ocean, and their necklaces turn them into mermaids, too. They learn that two of them would have to compete in the Mermaid Power Keeper games. Will these humans be able to harness their air, water, earth, and fire powers?

Barbie 5-Minute Stories: The Sister Collection by Random House
I haven’t read this Barbie book collection of short stories about Barbie and her sisters Chelsea and Skipper. I hope it has more diversity than the front cover suggests.

Barbie: My Book of Puppies by Golden Books
You’ll learn all about puppies in this simple, informative book showing Barbie and her sisters helping at the shelter with the puppies.

Barbie The Nutcracker
It’s the Christmas season, and this is the story of the ballet “The Nutcracker.” Barbie dances as the character Clara who has a magical dream where she travels to another world with a brave prince.

Barbie Books: Early Readers for Ages 5 to 8

Barbie: A Pet Vet Mary Man-Kong, illustrated by Jiyoung An
Step Into Reading STEP 1
“Barbie takes her pet to the vet.” After she learns that her dog Lucy is okay, she helps the vet with turtles, birds, cats, and other animals, including Ken’s dog.

Barbie Big City Big Dreams by Random House
Step Into Reading LEVEL 2
Barbie from Malibu is excited to attend an Arts Academy in New York and room with another Barbie from Brooklyn. Together, they’ll pursue their dreams of singing and dancing. Get the Brooklyn Doll here.

Barbie Princess Charm School by Ruth Homberg
Step Into Reading STEP 2
“Blair lives with her mom and her sister, Emily.” But one day, she gets to go to Charm School where she meets new friends and makes an enemy, Delancy. Delancy and her mother don’t want Blair to be the lost princess. But no matter what things they do won’t stop Blair from showing that she is the true princess of Gardania. Based on the Barbie movie.

Barbie Cupcake Challenge! by Mary Tilworth
Step Into Reading Level 3
This is a cute Barbie story about a cooking show that is told in comic panels with dialogue bubbles.

Barbie Books: Middle Grade and Activity Books

Barbie Developer Ruth Handler by Lee Slater
This is a nonfiction biography meant for readers ages 7 – 10. Ruth was known for inventing the Barbie doll. She and her husband started Mattel with a friend. They realized that many girls wanted more than baby dolls, so they made dolls that looked older with accessories and fashions. Read about the development, growth, and popularity of this doll. The simple text is accompanied by illustrations and photographs.

Barbie Through the Decades: Super Sticker Book by Marilyn Easton
With over 1000 stickers, this sticker book features Barbie’s looks, careers, and talents through the decades.

Barbie Dreamhouse Seek-and-Find Adventure by Mattel
You’ll get to search for items in the colorful scenes of the Barbies hanging out at home, in the park, in the kitchen, and other settings. When you find the item, put a sticker next to it on the key at the bottom of the page.

Barbie: Princess and the Pauper Jr. Chapter Book by Linda Aber, illustrated by Linda Williams Aber
In this version of the classic story, Barbie stars as both the Princess and the Pauper. Based on the movie of the same title. Would this story get your kids to read?

Barbie Collector’s Guide by Marilyn Easton
Since Barbie debuted in 1959, she’s had many iconic looks. This colorful book shares photos of the historical Barbies with details about their release date, height, style, accessories, and hair. You’ll also read about the first Ken doll released in 1961, how many President Barbies there are, and more.

the best Barbie books for kids


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