15 Fantastic Books About Opposites

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Opposite books delight and teach kids! These kid-approved books of opposites span a variety of topics from cats to football. Which ones will be your favorites?

Books About Opposites

by Sandra Boynton
Rhyming text describes the opposite pairs illustrated in darling pictures of animal friends. “high and low // fast and slow.

Big and Little Indestructibles
by Amy Pixton, illustrated by Carolina Buzio
Compare a big baby with the little things in baby’s world. “Baby is big. Ladybug is little.” Adorable and indestructible!

TouchThinkLearn Opposites
by Xavier Deneux
Raised and die-cut illustrations allow little fingers to explore these opposites in a tactile way. Simple but profound!

Web Opposites
by Rob Hodgson
Darling illustrations of spiders (who are cute and not scary therefore NOT realistic–ha) show readers opposite things like wet and dry, day and night, inside and outside… Maybe this book of arachnids will help your kids (and mine) not be too scared of the 8-eyed, 8-legged creatures.

Kitty & Cat Opposites Attract by Mirka Hokkanen
This charming opposites concept book tells the story in opposite words and illustrations of an old, grumpy cat and his interactions with the young, energetic kitten. In a sweet character arc, the old cat begins to care for the young kitty…playing, eating, and sleeping together. Darling!

The Magic Box A Book of Opposites written by Charles Ghigna, illustrated by Jacqueline East
Pandora, a panda, opens a mysterious, colorful box. (He, he, don’t you love her name!?) She lifts it up and puts it down. She climbs in and climbs out. Then the box begins to talk –and change. Big to small. Short to Tall. Yes, it’s rhyming and it’s perfect. The box changes and takes Pandora on an exciting opposites adventure! This is a great read aloud choice for the preschoolers on your lap.

Happy Cats
by Catherine Amari and Anouk Han, illustrated by Emi Lenox
A playful book of opposites for cat-loving kids with wonderful illustrations…”fluffed cat / bare cat / round cat / square cat“.

A World of Opposites
by Gray Malin
Amazing color photos pop off the page showing opposites like day/night, feathers/fur, land/ocean, and near/far. Gorgeous.

Pocket Piggies Opposites: The Teacup Pigs of Pennywell Farm by Richard Austin
You’ll love these cute, adorable pigs — they’ll illustrate above/below, inside/outside in full-color photographs.

Up Cat Down Cat
by Steve Light
Two Siamese cats show readers opposites like “Black / White. Long / Short. Lost / Found” in stylistic illustrations.

Marta! Big & Small
 by Jen Arena, illustrated by Angela Dominguez
Beautiful illustrations accompany this book showcasing adjective opposites about Marta and her animal friends. Lovely!
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Hero Vs. Villain: A Book of Opposites
by T. Hat Fuller, illustrated by Alex Eben Meyer
The hero and villain,are shown in amazingly colorful graphic-style illustrations and become friends at the end of this unique opposites story. “Up in the air / Down in the lair.”

by Susie Jaramillo
The adorable Canticos baby animals illustrate these opposite pairs. You’ll read loud (ruidoso) with quiet (silencioso) and sad (triste) with happy (feliz) along with many more.

Yummy Yucky
by Leslie Patricelli
What a silly and fun story! See if you agree with the author’s assessment of what is yummy and is yucky. “Spaghetti is yummy. Worms are yucky.
Walk and See Opposites
by Rosalind Beardshaw
Beardshaw’s illustrations are enchanting from outside and inside to near and far…whatever opposites she shows. Two friends explore the frozen pond, trees, and snow. This is a lovely choice to read during winter or anytime.

Football Opposites
by Mark Andrew Weakland
Full-color photographs of football players and games show early learners opposites like big and small, up and down.

by Jess Hong
Striking illustrations show “lovely” people who are different, short, tall, simple, complex, fluffy, sleek, and more. Use this book to teach adjectives, opposites, and appreciation for diversity.

Opposite Surprise
by Agnese Baruzzi
Surprises are the best, and you’ll find tons in this fun unfold the flap book. Unfold to discover that your first guess to the question (small or big?) isn’t quite right. Maybe it looks small but unfold and it’s something big. Lots of fun here!

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