Nighty Night! Bedtime Stories About Going to Bed

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Affiliate Links If you’re a bedtime book reader, and I think you are, you know that going to bed stories are fun to include in the mix. Consider one of these recently published (2017) choices.

Bedtime Stories About Going to Bed

Good Night Owl by Greg Pizzoli bedtime stories
Good Night Owl
by Greg Pizzoli
SO FUNNY! Owl tears up his house to find the “noise” that is preventing his sleep which we see is a cute little squeaky mouse. Soon the roof is off, the walls are down, and he’s lying in wait to get that noise.

Noisy Night Mac Barnett bedtime story
Noisy Night
by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Brian Biggs
From the bottom floor to every floor above it, the residents of this apartment building are making lots of noise! A man is singing opera, a baby is cooing, cowboys are laughing, a crow is squawking, and that’s not even all. Bright, eye-catching illustrations show just who is on the floor above. Keep turning to find out who is at the top and how he makes everyone BE QUIET so they all can go to bed. Silly and wonderful and a great addition to your bedtime stories.

Dad and the Dinosaur Nighty Night! Bedtime Stories About Going to Bed
Dad and the Dinosaur
by Gennifer Choldenko, illustrated by Dan Santat
Nicholas is afraid of the dark and other things but his toy dinosaur makes him feel as brave as his dad, fearless. So he takes his dinosaur everywhere — swimming, soccer, outside in the dark. When his toy gets lost, his fear returns and Nicholas has bad dreams. In a sweet, dad-rocks kind of ending, Nick’s dad takes him to look for the dinosaur. Because dads get it. And that helps.

Bedtime for Batman stories for bedtime
Bedtime for Batma
by Michael Dahl, illustrated by Ethen Beavers
As the stars come out and shadows lengthen, the hero gets a signal. Batman prepares the Batmobile. Our hero gets ready for bed including cleaning up the daily grime just like Batman cleans up the town’s villains. Add this to your bedtime stories if you want to make bedtime cool!
Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Noise at Night bedtime stories about going to bed
Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Noise at Night
by Kallie George, illustrated by Oriol Vidal
Their first night on their own without their mama, Feather, Flap, and Spike are woken by a frightening noise. No matter where they move or what they do, the noise keeps returning and they just can’t sleep. Finally, they realize it’s Spike’s snoring. What a funny surprise! Then the siblings can sleep soundly the rest of the night.
Boris and the Worrisome Wakies Nighty Night! Bedtime Stories About Going to Bed
Boris and the Worrisome Wakies
by Helen Lester, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger
Boris the badger goes to bed but doesn’t sleep because his mind goes non-stop. At school, he misses out on all the fun — field day, the school play, and being line leader — because he’s so tired. That’s when Boris decides to find a solution for each worry so he can go to bed, get to sleep, and not miss a minute more of his day. This part is skimmed over but it could be a good prompt for after reading problem solving if your child has bedtime fears, too.
Good Night! Good Night! Nighty Night! Bedtime Stories About Going to Bed
Good Night! Good Night!
by Carin Berger
You’ll love this bedtime story’s sweet good-night list of things to do (“Good-night stories. Good-night songs. Good-night hugs. Good-night kisses . . . ” and the surprising, funny additions. Dances? Monsters? Tickles? Yup! The collage, paper-cut artwork in this picture book makes this very visually appealing.
bedtimes stories for kids about sleeping and going to bed

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