Fun Spelling Game: Missing Letter

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I’m so glad to be writing here at Imagination Soup! My name is Jill. My blog is full of playful learning activities, just like the one I am sharing a spelling game with you today.

Spelling Game

Big M (6 years old) started bringing home spelling words a few months ago. Since I know spelling practice is something he will be doing for years to come, I wanted to start him off right. I needed to come up with spelling games that would get him excited about spelling right from the beginning. Once I have introduced a game we repeat it several times over the span of a week. Here’s our new favorite spelling game:

Missing Letters

what you need
list of spelling words
something for your kid to write on (we use a drawing board)

spelling game

When you are working on a set of words for the first time, leave out one or two letters from the word. Write lines for the missing letters. Say the word out loud. Once they have filled in the blanks spell the word out loud and ask them to check their work.

spelling game

Once your little speller starts filling in the letters with ease take away one or two more. Some words will be more challenging than others so it’s helpful if you can keep track (mentally or on paper) which words your kid is mastering.

spelling game

The goal is to have each letter as a blank.

spelling game

Big M really likes Missing Letters and asks for it every time I bring out his spelling words. (At least this gives me time to come up with the next fun spelling practice game!)

Jill is a stay at home mom turned blogger. She has two fun, creative and active kids. Big M is 6 and Little M is 5. She is the author of amomwithalessonplan where she makes adding learning to playtime easy and fun.

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  1. This will be a fun activity for the kids. Will really enhance my boys’ spelling skills. Better get my own drawing board. Thanks!