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Affiliate Links 150 2You’re looking for educational and learning apps for your kids — apps for reading and spelling, maybe even some good book apps — then here are some newly published gems from app store that I recommend for your kids.

Educational Apps

Educational Apps

Educational Apps

Happi and the Word Thief $2.99
While you can’t practice your own spelling words, you can practice spelling general words in a fun, game setting. The goal is to find and spell words before the thief steals them. This earns your detective badge and you move from easier words to more challenging. Fun educational app!

Educational Apps

An award-winning free language learning app that uses photographs and repetition to teach you words and phrases. It’s a good app for beginning language learners, especially, but you have to be a reader to do it. Languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.

Educational Apps
Cute plush Sammi shows you how to sign words  like part, play, friend, slide, all done, swing, stop, down, hot, tree, rain, and more.  Sami’s long skinny arms and fingers make it easy to see the sign for each word. Very cool.

Educational Apps
iImagine FREE

Put your child, you, and a special toy in this story app. Lovely hand-drawn art.

Super why
Super Why Phonics Fair for iPad $2.99
Calling all Super Readers! Play AlphaPig’s Wack-a-Word, Woof-De-Word Coaster, WonderRed’s Wonder Words Ball Toss, Princess Presto’s Spectacular Spelling Wheel, and Super Why’s Bumper Words. I like that in all these fun games, kids can choose upper case or lower case letters! Then, watch classic Super Why videos and decorate a place in the Phonics Fair. Great quality app!

Educational Apps

Things that Go: Touch, Look, Listen $1.99
A 3D pop-up board book educational app that your transportation-loving toddlers will adore.

This is a must-own app for dinosaur fans with cool sound effects and fantastic illustrations. The Smithsonian books never disappoint.

Educational Apps
Babar and the Adventure of Badou Musical Marching Band $1.99
This short little story tells of how Babar shaved the day from Crocodylus’ plan to play terrible music for the important guests. Plus, the app  contains learning games to play as well as a video sing-a-long and coloring pages. If you like Babar, then you’ll enjoy this fun app.

Educational Apps

The Brave Little Tailor $2.99

This not-exceptional tailor, who loves peanut butter, learns his big lesson about bragging –too late. A fun story retold in an interactive app with narrator options, music, and interactivity. Very well done educational app.

La Luna $1.99

A gorgeous and imaginative animated short from Pixar! Watch the movie or toggle between the watercolor drawings and the digital film version of each story scene in this magical story of a clever boy who climbs to the moon. Another fun option is to watch the interactive video which includes the movie, the words, and interactive elements. Wonderful!

Educational Apps
by Story Toys
You can always count on a beautiful, quality, interactive app with StoryToys! As you read the story, you’ll find interactive activities interspersed throughout. After reading, do a puzzle or create your own 3D scene. Excellent!

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  1. I’d like to suggest Unite for Literacy’s free online library, where you can read in English and listen in 15 languages to more than 100 books. An app is still in the works, but the library is available and growing all the time at