Children’s Books About Aging, Memory Loss, and Alzheimer’s

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As grandparents grow older, we must often help our children understand about aging, memory loss, and even, Alzheimer’s. These picture books and chapter books tell stories that will help you learn more about and discuss old age and the changes that may go with it.

It can be a confusing time for children. (And us!) I hope these books help.

Children’s Picture Books About Aging, Memory Loss, & Alzheimer’s

A Doll For Grandma: A Story About Alzheimer’s Disease
by Paulette Bochnig Sharkey, illustrated by Samantha Woo
The little girl has a special relationship with her grandmother. When her grandma’s memory changes, one day her grandma calls her granddaughter the name of a childhood friend. That’s when the little girl gets the idea to buy her grandmother a doll. As they play with their dolls together, they continue their special relationship in a different way. It’s such a sweet story that shows a way to love the adults in our lives with memory issues. 

The Forgettery
by Rachel Ip, illustrated by Laura Hughes
This beautiful, well-crafted story sensitively addresses memory loss with lovely writing and shows Amelia and her granny finding a special place with all their forgotten memories. Granny’s room is large and filled with the things she forgot like the sound of autumn leaves and her favorite blue dress. Amelia’s room is small and cozy and filled with shoes and socks and couches and bumps. Then, they get directions on how to get home, and Amelia starts a book to help Granny remember her favorite memories. But the one thing she’ll never forget is her love for Amelia.

The Remember Balloons
by Jessie Oliveros, illustrated by Dana Wulfekotte
This beautiful story uses balloons as a metaphor for memories. James loves Grandpa’s balloons most of all because Grandpa has lived a long time and has the best stories; stories about James’s dad or a fishing trip he and James took together. But one by one, Grandpa’s balloons begin to float away and Grandpa doesn’t even notice. It makes James feel very sad. James’s parents help him understand that sometimes grown-ups lose their memories when they get older. Now James will do his best to share his own balloons with Grandpa.

Never Forget Eleanor by Jason June, illustrated by Loren Long
Grandma Eleanor has a great memory for words, stories, and people. But one day, she starts forgetting what she used to remember. Elijah is worried when he can’t find her one day — so he draws and writes their favorite story to direct her back home. Then, Grandma’s story comes to an end and Elijah takes down the signs and he tells stories like his grandma.

Children's Books About Aging, Memory Loss, and Alzheimer's
Newspaper Hats
by Phil Cummings, illustrated by Owen Swan
This is a sweet story about the forgetfulness that comes with aging. Georgie’s grandpa doesn’t always remember her but he does remember how to make newspaper hats. It’s age-appropriate and perfect for introducing the memory loss concept to children.

Grandma and Me
by Beatrice Tauber Prior PsyD and Mary Ann Drummond RN, illustrated by Julia Walther
The boy’s grandma loves her grandson and the plants in her yard; she’s the best Grandma ever. Then something changes and it’s upsetting. The authors skillfully address what to expect when a loved one gets Alzheimer’s and the emotions that might accompany these changes.

Really and Truly
 by Emilie Rivard, illustrated by Anne-Claire Delisle
Charlie’s grandpa told him the BEST imaginative stories that he’d always end with “really and truly, Charlie.” But now, grandpa doesn’t remember. He sits and stares out the window without expression. Suddenly, Charlie knows he can be the storyteller now — and maybe make grandpa smile. I really like the approach this book takes on the reality of aging with a positive view. Recommended for children whose grandparents are losing memories.

My New Granny
by Elisabeth Steinkellner, illustrated by Michael Roher
Illustrated in warm brown tones, we feel melancholy when Fini’s granny returns from a hospital stay but as a “new granny” — one that doesn’t do the same things or tell the same stories. Then, Fini’s granny moves in with Fini’s family. They must help granny much more now – brush her hair, eat, get dressed. Fini decides she loves her new granny as much as the old one.

Children's Books About Aging, Memory Loss, and Alzheimer's

Wilfrid Gordon MacDonald Partridge by Mem Fox, illustrated by Julie Vivas
I love this story so much — and used it frequently in the classroom. This little boy exemplifies kindness! He learns his friend, “Miss Nancy,” is losing her memory so he tries to figure out what a memory is and how he can help her remember.

Holding On
by Sophia N. Lee, illustrated by Isabel Roxas
A little girl loves that her Lola cherishes memories and music. And Lola loves music –fills her days and nights. So when Lola sometime forgets things, the little girl plays Lola’s favorite music and remembers for her. They dance and sing. I love the exuberant collage illustrations and beautiful message of family and compassion.

Children's Books About Aging, Memory Loss, and Alzheimer's
The Old Woman Who Named Things by Cynthia Rylant
This old woman has outlived her friends. So she names things so she can call them by names as if they were her friends — her car is Betsy, her house is Roxanne, her favorite chair is Fred. But, she only names things she will outlive. Until she meets a puppy. It’s a risk but she eventually realizes that naming and adopting the puppy is worth it.

Children's Books About Aging, Memory Loss, and Alzheimer's

Lovely Old Lion by Julia Jarman, illustrated by Susan Varley
Lenny adores his grandpa, King Lion. Except King Lion is forgetting things and it’s confusing to Lenny. Lenny’s marble collection helps remind King Lion of some memories but ultimately, Lenny learns that sometimes brains don’t work the same (because of dementia) when a lion gets older.

Children’s Chapter Books About Aging, Memory Loss, & Alzheimer’s

Tree. Table. Book. written by Lois Lowry
This is a gentle story that begins slowly, developing 11-year-old Sophie, an old soul with a big vocabulary, excellent problem solving skills, and an elderly neighbor best friend named Sophie Gershowitz. But this is really a story of grief as young Sophie resists accepting her friend’s decline into dementia. One of the tests Sophie gives Sophie Gershowitz to PROVE that her cognition is fine is to recall three random words. (Tree. Table. Book.) When Sophie G. can’t remember the words, young Sophie asks her to recall a story connected to the words, hoping the stories will help Sophie G. recall the words.That’s when Sophie G. shares three meaningful childhood stories that briefly reveal how she survived the Nazis; stories that no one else knows. As Sophie realizes their time together is fleeting, she moves toward acceptance.

Children's Books About Aging, Memory Loss, and Alzheimer's
Just Like Jackie by Lindsey Stoddard (ages 9 – 12)
Jackie’s story is so emotionally rich, you’ll feel her angst, anger, and confusion as if it were you experiencing it yourself. Her Grandpa is forgetting things so Jackie tries to pick up the slack — helping more than ever at his mechanic shop and at home. But she keeps getting in trouble at school, ending up in a special group with the school counselor. A family tree project feels like absolutely too much for a girl with only a grandpa as her family. It’s a brilliant story about aging and what really makes a family. It will rip you up and put you back together.

Children's Books About Aging, Memory Loss, and Alzheimer's
Sticky Notes
by Diane Touchell (ages 9 – 12)
I felt sad throughout this entire story, mostly because a good friend of ours has experienced a disease called frontotemporal degeneration (FTD), often misdiagnosed as early onset. 10-year-old Foster sees his dad’s personality disappear little by little throughout this story. As this happens, his mom becomes more and more stressed out. An aunt arrives to help which makes things both more stressful and better. It’s all is very hard. Because there isn’t a cure; there isn’t any recovery from this. There is only acceptance of the new situation.

The Space Between Lost and Found
by Sandy Stark-McGinnis (ages 9 – 12)
A story about the long process of saying goodbye to someone who is losing their memories… Cassie’s mom suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s. In a survival response, Cassie pushes away her best friend Bailey and isolates herself, not even doing her art. As her Mom becomes more unpredictable like smashing things in anger, forgetting names, or refusing to budge from places, Cassie feels more sad and lonely. Then she has an idea…her mom loves dolphins so what if Cassie could take her to swim with the dolphins before her mom is completely lost to the disease? Beautiful, heartbreaking, and filled with emotion, this is a story worth reading.

What other books would you add to this list?

Children's Books About Aging, Memory Loss, and Alzheimer's


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