11 Picture Books About Kids with Glasses

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Kids aren’t always enthusiastic about getting (and wearing) glasses. But they NEED them! So, how can you encourage kids to wear their glasses? Maybe these picture books about kids with glasses will make convince your kids.

Of course, it’s helpful to ask your children to notice the difference in what they can see with and without their glasses. Practice growth mindset. And maybe use a rewards charting system.

I once taught a boy in fifth grade who worried me so much that I referred him to special ed testing. There, his dad asked if the boy should be wearing his glasses. Thankfully, the glasses made all the difference in the world and he finally became a successful learner.

Here are picture books that celebrate wearing glasses! Maybe they’ll motivate your children, even those who don’t need them, to want their own.

11 Picture Books About Kids with Glasses

What Ollie Saw
by Joukje Akvelo, illustrated by Sieb Posthuma
Ollie is seeing weird things. When his sister sees cows, Ollie sees water buffalos. When his sister sees cars, Ollie sees a circus parade with acrobats and a sea lion. At school, Ollie scoots up as close as he can to the board where he sees birds instead of letters. That’s why, at her recommendation, Ollie gets glasses — which he only needs some of the time. Playful illustrations and an imaginative, lovable main character make this a darling easy reader story about an important topic — getting glasses.

11 Picture Books About Kids with Glasses
by Ann Gwinn Zawistoski, photographs by Heide M. Woodworth
Photographs of kids wearing glasses show them in a positive, fun way. Simple rhyming text and a positive message make this board book a wonderful option for young readers.

11 Picture Books About Kids with Glasses

Arlo Needs Glasses
by Barney Saltzberg
Poor Arlo, he can’t see the ball. How can he play his favorite game of catch? I think you can guess what he needs…Arlo goes to the eye doctor and tries on lots of fun glasses — which you can, too because the book includes paper glasses. Kids will love the interactive elements of this brightly illustrated picture book; parents will love how Arlo shows kids that extra help seeing can be cool and helpful. (I love that Arlo was Barney’s real dog!!)

11 Picture Books About Kids with Glasses

Ava’s Spectacular Spectacles
by Alice Rex, illustrated by Angela Perrini
Ava hates wearing her spectacles. One day her teacher tells cautionary stories about not wearing your corrective lenses … how if Little Red Riding Hood were wearing her glasses, she would have seen the wolf’s big teeth and eyes, for example. Kids will enjoy this silly cautionary tale with cheerful, colorful pen and ink drawings.

11 Picture Books About Kids with Glasses
Specs for Rex
by Yasmeen Ismail
Rex hates his new red specs. He tries to hide them but they’re big and red so they’re not easy to hide. When his specs win him a gold star and a new friend, he realizes that seeing properly makes him special not to mention, there’s no need to worry what other people think.

Glamorous Glasses
by Barbara Johansen NewmanBobbie is so jealous of her cousin Joanie, who gets brand-new, super-cute, glamorous glasses. So, Bobbie pretends that she can’t see well either. Fortunately, the eye doctor isn’t fooled. In the end, Bobbie accepts that she can’t have glasses. Or does she?

Douglas You Need Glasses Latest Picture Books Starring Animal Characters
Douglas, You Need Glasses! by Ged Adamson
Isn’t this cover hard to look at? Douglas the dog is so near-sighted that he sometimes he goes home to the wrong house, or chases right past the squirrels, or misses important signs. So his person, Nancy, takes him to the eye doctor. There he finds glasses and realizes how amazing life is when you can SEE! Richly illustrated.

11 Picture Books About Kids with Glasses
I Can See Just Fine
by Eric Barclay
I love how relatable this book is to kids! Paige’s parents and teacher notice she’s having trouble seeing things. (Like her music, or the animal she thinks is a cat, . . . ) She visits the eye doctor which gives us a good idea of what that experience is like. Despite her protests that she can see “just fine.” once Paige gets her glasses she realizes she can finally see EVERYTHING!

11 Picture Books About Kids with Glasses
Jumping Jack
by Germano Zullo, illustrated by Albertine
Jumping Jack is a black horse and Roger Trotter is a tall man who are show-jumping champions. They’re the perfect pair. Until Jumping Jack starts tripping and missing the jumps. What could possibly be wrong with Jumping Jack? This is a charming story about figuring out what’s wrong with your eyesight.

11 Picture Books About Kids with Glasses
Who Wears Glasses?
by Ana Galan, illustrated by Sebastian Burnett
The rhyming text makes this a good choice for beginning readers. Bright, cheerful illustrations show the jungle animals wearing glasses — some are serious, some cool, others silly, all fun.

Princess Peepers
by Pam Calvert, illustrated by Tuesday Mourning
This princess LOVES her glasses. In fact, she has one for every occasion! When the other princesses make fun of them, the princess tries to go without — which leads to lots of funny mishaps! She eventually realizes she should do what works for her.

11 Picture Books About Kids with Glasses
Philomena’s New Glasses
by Brenna Maloney
You’ll love these cute photographs of guinea pigs telling a funny story about three sisters who learn the importance of being true to themselves. Mostly. When one sister gets something, the others copy her. Until the sisters finally realize that they all need different things, they don’t need to copy each other. (At least until Nora Jane gets a necklace…)


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