Wholesome Easy Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 – 9 (No Sassiness)

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I just wrote an easy chapter book list for boys with NO potty humor or sassiness. Many of you asked me for a similar list for girls. Because often, girls and boys are interested in different topics and types stories so I’m making this new list for girls. If you’re looking for wholesome easy chapter books for girls about polite kids who aren’t sassy or rude, you’re going to want to know about these books.

Please comment with any other title suggestions! I always learn so much from you, too.

If you’re looking for a wholesome easy chapter book list written specifically for boys, go here.

If you’re looking for wholesome middle-grade chapter books for ages 9 – 12, that list is here.

Wholesome Easy Chapter Book Series for Girls Ages 6 – 9

Wholesome Chapter Book Series for Girls Ages 6 - 9
by Patricia Maclachlan, illustrated by Marc Boutavant EASIEST CHAPTER BOOK
Nicky’s uncle gives Barkus, a very smart, big brown dog, when he leaves on a trip. Barkus joins her at school, has a (dog) birthday party, and finds a new kitty friend named Baby. These are stories that will make everyone want a dog like Barkus.

Wholesome Chapter Book Series for Girls Ages 6 - 9
Wallace and Grace and the Lost Puppy
by Heather Alexander, illustrated by Laura Zarrin
Owl friends, Wallace and Grace, are on a scavenger hunt when they find a lost puppy named Jasper in the woods. The friends who also run a detective agency ask Jasper to tell them anything he can remember. The detectives put together the clues, ask for help from other forest friends, and return Jasper safely home. Easy to read and charming, this story looks just right for 6- and 7- year- old readers who are just starting chapter books.

Wholesome Chapter Book Series for Girls Ages 6 - 9
Owl Diaries Eva’s Treetop Festival by Rebecca Elliott
Eva writes in diary form all about getting the Bloomtastic Festival put together and how she eventually learns to ask friends for help.

Our Principal is a Frog
 by Stephanie Calmenson, illustration Aaron Blecha 
The beloved school principal is accidentally turned into a frog by a bumbling magician. But since he’s a dedicated principal, he finds a way to keep running the school — even as an amphibian.

Dig to Disaster: A Miss Mallard Mystery
 by Robert Quackenbush 
Another QUIX book, this one is an exciting mystery adventure. Miss Mallard is on an archaeological expedition in jungles of South American but someone is trying to scare the group off. Not to worry. Miss Mallard is the duck for the job. She follows the clues in order to capture the sneaky treasure hunter.

Wholesome Chapter Book Series for Girls Ages 6 - 9
Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door
by Hilary McKay
This is one of my favorite easy chapter books! Lulu and her cousin help their neighbor Arthur learn to love and care for his (neglected) rabbit. She doesn’t want her neighbor to feel bad so she writes the rabbit little notes with helpful gifts signed from her own pet rabbit named Thumper. It’s a kind way to show Arthur how to take care of his new pet.

Wholesome Chapter Book Series for Girls Ages 6 - 9
Mouse Scouts: Make a Difference
 by Sarah Dillard
Six new Mouse Scouts and friends share adventures as they seek new merit badges. In this story, the girls must work together to rescue a . . . CAT! Yikes. What a sweet new illustrated series for beginning chapter book readers. See also Mouse Scouts #1.

best wholesome easy chapter books for girls
Meet Yasmin!
by Saadia Faruqui, illustrated by Hatem Aly
Yasmin is an exuberant girl who is interested in everything from exploring to building to fashion. This book tells four short stories from Yasmin’s life, all in chapters with lively, full-color illustrations showing Yasmin as a creative problem solver even when things get hard. Her Pakistani American culture is embedded throughout the story. I LOVE the diversity, the gutsy main-character, and the beautiful design of the entire book.

Good Dog
by Cam Higgins, illustrated by Ariel Landy
What a sweet beginning illustrated chapter book written from Bo the dog’s point of view! Enthusiastic and full of personality, Bo adores his loving family and his life on the farm. But he worries when his dog tag goes missing. He searches the farm with the help of all the farm animals and his spider friends help him find it. Your readers will love this new series with a darling doggie narrator! Get the first 4 books in 1!

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Daisy Dawson Is on Her Way
by Steve Voake, illustrated by Jessica Messerve
Daisy can talk to animals. You’ll love this spunky girl’s free spirit personality and her kindness toward others as she has nostalgic sorts of childhood adventures.

Cornbread & Poppy
by Matthew Cordell
Poppy and Cornbread are mice friends who like different things and have different personalities but love each other and love doing things together. (Yes, this sweet book of friendship stories feels reminiscent of Frog and Toad.) So even when Poppy doesn’t prepare for winter like Cornbread does (and reminds her), Cornbread joins her to search for food. In desperation, they bravely venture up the dangerous Hollar Mountain where they find a warm welcome and a new friend.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
The Year of the Book by Andrea Chang
Growing up is challenging and in the first novel, The Year of the Book, Anna turns to books for company while she learns how to make friendships in real life. The subsequent books in the series are just as realistic and well-written.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Zoey and Sassafras Dragons and Marshmallows #1 by Asia Citro, illustrated by Marion Lindsay
This is an entertaining and well-written story with the coolest mix of science and magic, a diverse main character, and fantastic illustrations that will get kids reading and learning. Zoey, like her mom, can see magical creatures and is tasked to care for any injured creatures that might need help. In this story, she uses her science skills (including research and the scientific method) to figure out how to care for a sick baby dragon. Highly recommended.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne
A MUST-READ series for all kids! These combine mystery, history, magic, and adventure as siblings Jack and Annie adventure through time, solving mysteries and learning history. GREAT on audiobook, too!

Ivy Lost and Found
by Cynthia Lord, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin
A heartwarming story about the life of an old doll who gets a new life as a book buddy! Ivy’s been in the attic for years until her girl, now an adult, donates Ivy to the Book Buddy’s shelf at the library. That’s when a lonely girl named Fern borrows Ivy. Fern is visiting her dad and his new family and she needs a friend like Ivy listens because she feels so many different feelings about her dad’s new family. Then, when Ivy gets left outside in the rain, she has a surprise adventure of her own and makes friends with two other Book Buddies. Eventually, Fern feels better about her new blended family and returns her to the library.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Rainbow Street Shelter: A Dog Called Bear
by Wendy Orr
Rainbow Street Shelter books are fantastic stories of mystery and compassion toward animals, great for any animal lover. In this story, Logan’s beloved dog named Bear runs away. Logan will eventually find Bear after Bear finds Hannah first then ends up at the Rainbow Street Shelter.

Bark Park
by Brandi Dougherty, illustrated by Paige Pooler
Scout’s life is filled with mystery and adventure as she helps her dog friends. Charming characters and gentle story lines.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)

Mango and Bambang The Not-a-Pig by Clara Vulliamy
Mango rescues Bambang, an Asian tapir, from a busy street and the two become best friends. Together they find adventures, learn more about each other, and teach people that Bambang Is. Not. A. Pig. Four sweet stories of friendship and fun.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party
by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale, illustrated by LeUyen Pham
Amazingly enough, this princess is able to fight monsters and have a fun birthday party — even though it keeps getting interrupted. These books celebrate girl power with a heroine who can do it all.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Rainbow Magic Fairies
by Daisy Meadows
These are very predictable but so many girls (mine included) ADORE these books — they are some of the most checked out books at our library. They’re about two caring human girls who help the magical fairies to get back something Jack Frost’s goblins stole.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
They Didn’t Teach This in Worm School: One Worm’s Tale of Survival
 by Simone Lia
If you like rye humor, you’ll enjoy this hilarious story. It pairs two of the most unlikely of traveling companions together– a worm and a bird. The bird, Laurence, thinks he’s a flamingo and wants to journey to Lake Nakuru National Park where the other flamingos live. The worm, Marcus, besides worrying he’s about to be breakfast, thinks that Laurence looks like a chicken. In hopes that Laurence WON’T eat him for breakfast, Marcus offers to help Laurence navigate to Lake Nakuru. As they travel “the world”, the two develop an unexpected, lovely friendship.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Heartwood Hotel: a True Home
by Kallie George, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin
Lost in a storm, with no home or destination, Mona the Mouse discovers a beautiful hotel for forest animals. There she works as a maid to earn her room and board. But more than that, she helps solve problems and learns about her family connection to the lovely hotel where she’s invited to stay as long as she wants. This is a sweet, warm-hearted (and wholesome) adventure of resiliency and friendship.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Amy and the Missing Puppy (Critter Club) 
by Callie Barkley
This series about animal-loving girlfriends gives growing readers an entertaining chapter book they can read by themselves. My daughter loved this series so much!

Amelia Bedelia Means Business 
by Herman Parish, illustrated by Lynne Avril
I’ve been enjoying these updated Amelia chapter books by the original author’s son. In this story, Amelia tries to make money for a new bike. Great for 2nd graders (second graders) who love goofy humor and wordplay.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
A to Z Mysteries by Rob Roy
This addictive mystery series will keep your kids reading for hours and days and months. My kids read them all more than once – we highly recommend this series, especially for around age 7.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
The Whodunit Detective Agency The Diamond Mystery
 by Martin Widmark, illustrated by Helena Willis
Friends and kid detectives, Jerry and Maya, go undercover in a jewelry store to figure out which of the three employees is stealing diamonds from the owner. It’s puzzling since all the employees are searched before they can leave the store. How are the diamonds going missing and who is taking them? This is a well-written adventure with good pacing and enjoyable characters.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Ranger in Time #1: Rescue on the Oregon Trail by Kate Messner, illustrated by Kelley McMorris
Ranger, a golden retriever trained for search-and-rescue, travels back to the Oregon Trail to help a family in need. It’s a simple story that introduces the ups and downs of traveling on the Oregon Trail.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus! by Atinuke
Anna Hibiscus lives in amazing Africa but in this story, she goes by herself to visit her Granny Canada in Canada where it’s snowy and cold. Anna gets to wear warm clothes and eat new foods. She even gets comfortable with Granny Canada’s dog and makes new friends. This is a delightful story of a wholesome girl on an exciting new adventure.

Good Dog, McTavish
by Meg Rosoff, illustrated by Grace Easton
I adore this endearing story about a family in chaos and the dog (and youngest sibling) who fixes everything. The writing is brilliant with subtle, rye humor. When a mom quits “momming”, the youngest daughter, Betty, suggests that the family get a dog. Betty chooses McTavish the dog at a shelter or does McTavish choose them? Right away, he gets to work organizing the family which… takes plans and more plans. SO sweet — I love this wholesome story.

Word Travelers and the Taj Mahal Mystery
by Raj Haldar, illustrated by Nehra Rawat
Fast-paced and fun, this word-lovers adventure will immerse growing readers (ages 7 – 10) in both a puzzling mystery and the origin of English words that come from India. When Eddie and his friend MJ find his great-grandfather’s big book of words and their history (etymology), they’re magically transported to India where they help a boy solve the clues and find his family’s missing fortune. As they solve the clues, they learn more words with Indian roots — many are from Hindi like bangle and bungalow and others are from Sanskrit like the words jackal and jungle.

best wholesome easy chapter books for girls
Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters
by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts
Can Rosie and friends invent something to help June paint with casts on her arms? After one disaster after another, including at the art contest, Rosie continues to persevere and problem-solve to find a solution that will work. I’m so glad to see the same whimsical illustrations as the beloved picture books, too.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
The Haunted Library
by Dori Hillestad Butler
My daughter and I loved this entertaining new easy chapter book series about a boy ghost, Kaz, who is blown away from his family and into a new haunt — a library. But who is the library ghost? Kaz knows that it’s not him. He and his new friend, Claire, decide to be detectives and discover the secret of the mysterious library ghost.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Dolphin Rescue (Animal Planet Adventures #1) 
by Catherine Nichols
Siblings Maddie and Atticus can’t figure out who is dumping trash everywhere. And when they rescue a baby dolphin entangled in the trash, they know they must get to the bottom of this mystery. Full-color photographs with information about dolphins, marine life, and nonfiction information for readers.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Farm Friends Escape! (Animal Planet Adventures #2
 by Gail Herman
I really liked this beginning chapter book. It’s a story with bonus nonfiction information sprinkled throughout. Follow siblings Luke and Sarah (who get along with each other) as they run the petting zoo for their grandparents and learn about life, animals, and crops on a farm.

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
The Storm (The Lighthouse Family) 
by Cynthia Rylant
Pandora is a kindhearted cat who lives in a lighthouse all alone. Seabold lives on a boat all alone. Until one day a storm shipwrecks him at the lighthouse. Soon, a friendship develops and the lighthouse isn’t lonely anymore, especially after the friends rescue a family of orphaned mice. Kind characters and a cozy family theme with a gentle adventure make this a wholesome reading choice.

sWholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
Sparkle Spa: Purple Nails and Puppy Tails
 by Jill Santopolo
This is a delightful wholesome chapter book series for girls about sisters, Aly and Brooke, who start their own nail business in the back room of their mother’s nail salon for their soccer friends. To help a local animal shelter, the girls decide to give free pedicures to help support the shelter’s efforts to find homes for the animals. And yes, pet-icures are in the story, too!

Wholesome Chapter Books for Girls Ages 6 - 9 (No Sassiness)
The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail
 by Richard Peck, illustrated by Kelly Murphy
This is a simple but charming story about a mouse grows up at Buckingham Palace longing for an identity. Not only does he not know his parents, but he also doesn’t even know his name! Happily, his adventures lead him to a very satisfactory conclusion.

White Fur Flying Dog Chapter Books That Kids Love
White Fur Flying by Patricia MacLachlan
Zoe’s family rescues dogs in need. A new family has moved in across the street and Phillip, the boy, has stopped speaking. He doesn’t even want to try. But Zoe’s new rescue dog might just help the boy heal and speak. (Also on: Best Chapter Books About Dogs)

wholesome kids easy chapter books
Greetings From Somewhere The Mystery of the Mosaic
by Harper Paris, illustrated by Marcos Calo
Second in a series, this is a simple story about two kids who accompany their parents to Venice, Italy and get the chance to solve two mysteries. I liked the bits of geography and history and suspect this will be an interesting beginning chapter book series.

wholesome reading list for beginning reader girls ages 6 7 8 9
Shelter Pet Squad: Jelly Bean
by Cynthia Lord
Suzannah joins the Shelter Pet Squad because her apartment building doesn’t allow pets. She meets a sad girl who has to leave her guinea pig, Jelly Bean, at the shelter due to moving. Suzannah promises the girl she’ll find Jelly Bean a good home. Only it’s not as easy as she first thought. The Shelter Pet Squad works together to find the perfect home — a kindergarten classroom.

Sophie Mouse
The Adventures of Sophie Mouse A New Friend
by Poppy Green, illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell
A new student arrives at Sophie’s school — a SNAKE named Owen! (Yikes!) All the mice students are scared. When Sophie tells her parents, they explain that they knew a really nice snake who moved away which makes Sophie think about giving Owen a chance. Owen rescues Sophie from a dangerous situation and they become good friends. This is an enjoyable story with a lovely message of not judging others based on outward appearances.

wholesome reading list for beginning reader girls ages 6 7 8 9
The Case of the Stolen Sixpence by Holly Webb
I’m not sure if kids will find this story, set in Victorian England, totally relatable. I think kids need to have enough background knowledge about the setting and characters when they’re reading beginning chapter books. That being said, the story is interesting. Our heroine solves a mystery and helps a friend. The line drawing illustrations are lovely and helpful in understanding the developing plot. See what you think and let me know!

The Greatest Star on Earth
The Greatest Star on Earth
 (Three-Ring Rascals) by Kate Klise, illustrated by M. Sarah Klise
When a newspaper reporter decides to write about the greatest star of the circus, all the performers worry so much that they end up getting sabotaging their own acts. Soon the circus is left with no performers and a stand-in ringmaster (who is helped along by the smart book-writing mice.) This is a fun and funny easy chapter book in a new series, Three Ring Rascals, that both my daughter and I enjoyed.

wholesome easy chapter books about nice kids
Recipe for Adventure #1 Naples!
by Giada De Laurentiis
Time travel back to Naples, Italy with siblings Emilia and Alfie where they discover a world of pizza and help a new friend and his family with the important missing ingredient. Plus, 2 recipe cards. A great cooking adventure!

A Wholesome Early Chapter Book List for Girls (No Potty Humor, No Rudeness)
I Survived
 by Lauren Tarshis
Your kids will zip through these fascinating adventures. The books are always about a young person trying to survive a historically important, life-changing event.

Wondrous Rex
by Patricia MacLachlan
Maxwell the Magicial brings Grace and her writer aunt Lily his dog Rex to be aunt’s assistant when Aunt Lily and Grace both have writer’s block. Rex is a kind and magical dog who reads, writes, and gives wonderful wisdom about life and writing. His guidance helps both Lily and Grace grow in confidence, inspiration, and love. Absolutely charming!

The Ruby Princess Runs Away
by Jahnna N. Malcom
Roxanne, the Red Princess, isn’t ready to rule so she runs away just before her coronation. She stumbles upon a plot to put an imposter Red Princess on the throne. She also meets kindly people who help her to understand that ruling isn’t about being ready but about kindness and friendship. With this new perspective, Roxanne returns to the palace and stops the imposter from stealing her crown. A charming wholesome story in a new series that will appeal to readers ages 7 – 10 who love princesses.

Twig and Turtle: Big Move to a Tiny House
by Jennifer Richard Jacobson, illustrated by Paula Franco
It’s Twig’s third first day of third grade. Now they’re living in a tiny house in Colorado where she’s worried about her grandma’s Great Dane who won’t fit in their small home. Twig dreams up the idea of a therapy dog at school but she still needs to find a solution to where Bo can live. Warm-hearted and wholesome, this is a story about friends, family, and a love of animals.

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wholesome easy chapter books for girls ages 6 - 9


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