Cool PlayTape Reinvigorates Our Pretend Play

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Affiliate Links I always want my kids to pretend play — to imagine, to create, and to just be unplugged. As they get older, it’s been harder and harder to find something that will engage both kids in pretend play with something they will play together. (They’re 14 and 11.) But PlayTape pretend road tape reinvigorated my kids’ imaginative car play. Which is why I’m telling you about it — because, hooray for play!

 Cool Road Tape Reinvigorates Our Pretend Play play tape fun

And frankly, this kind of car pretend play is great for all ages from little to big!

pretend play with cars Cool Road Tape Reinvigorates Our Pretend Play

They used to do this with Duct Tape until 1) my husband complained about us ruining the carpet and 2) okay, that’s pretty much it. Just the one. Carpet ruining wasn’t good. And painters tape wasn’t as fun.

play tape play Cool Play Tape Reinvigorates Our Pretend Play

Cool PlayTape Reinvigorates Our Pretend Play

Hooray! This play is SO good for them socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

PlayTape sticks to any flat surface — we used our hardwoods. It tears easily to any length although my kids used scissors to cut it. Not only that, it’s repositionable.

Just making roads helped my kids think of new stories and ideas for their cars.

For example, JJ, the resident crafter, made a FRO-O stand (frozen oil). So fun, right?!

pretend play with cars and Play Tape Cool Road Tape Reinvigorates Our Pretend Play

They created a town, a race track, and a large parking lot.

Play Tape car play Cool Road Tape Reinvigorates Our Pretend Play

PlayTape is available online at InRoadToys or Amazon.

I think it’s a bargain to get kids into pretend playing with cars! What do you think?

play tape pretend play with cars Cool Road Tape Reinvigorates Our Pretend Play

I received two complimentary rolls of PlayTape and corners and curve stickers.

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  1. Great idea! I have never used tape before, but my daughter likes playing with train sets (which we don’t have). This would be a good and cheap alternative. Thanks!

  2. Hi Whitney, I love these toys that encourage thinking and creativity and I think a lot of ideas and thoughts have gone into this project. I was really impressed while I was touring these wonderful ideas and definitely these awesome ideas can bring a big smile to your kid’s face. This is definitely a perfect secrete for your love one. These ideas can inspire to everyone. Perfect gift ideas.