Pretend Play Veterinarian

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Any age can pretend play animal hospital doctor or veterinarian.  Use your love for animals and let my 3 p’s of pretend play — props, plan and play — guide your make-believe time into a delightful journey of imagination.


– stuffed animals
– pillows and blankets
– band-aids of all sizes
– doctor’s kit
– lab coat or large white shirt
– clipboards
– paper, pencils
– needle and thread for older kids to sew up holes

. . . and next time you’re at the pediatrician, ask for gloves and a surgical mask for your doctor’s kit


Watch as Tom takes his dog to the veterinarian in this kid friendly video.  As you watch, listen for new vocabulary words the animal doctor does in her job.  Read books about animals and veterinarians.  Look up information about real veterinarians.

Make a waiting room and hospital rooms.  Have a clipboard sign in sheet for the patient and owners.   Use the pillows for hospital beds.


Now that you know what an animal doctor does, use your imagination with your own stuffed animals to give check ups, diagnosis and treat your animal patients. You have the knowledge and the props to imagine wonderful scenarios and include many friends in this fun pretend play activity.

Imaginative play benefits kids.  And, I don’t think it’s so bad for us adults.  Do you?


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