Adopt a tree and learn the seasons

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Boy Hugging Golden Retriever

Don’t you just love fall?  The blue sky.  The colorful leaves.  The brisk air.  Aaaah.

Fall is the perfect time to adopt a tree and learn about the seasons.

Bring paper, pencil and a collection basket for leaves.  Now, take a fall walk.  Gather leaves, observe the blue sky and feel the cool air on your skin.

Ask your child to pick his or her favorite (leafy) tree.  “Adopt” the tree for the next year. (Leafy because leafy trees change more than needle trees.)

Write and draw fall tree observations:

Write “FALL” on the paper.  Draw a picture of the tree.  Color.  Label trunk, roots, branches and leaves.

Write what you see, feel with your hands, smell, and hear.

Extra activities:

  • Make a bark rubbing for the book.  Use the side of a crayon for the best results.
  • Collect leaves or twigs to past into the book.

Next steps:

Add extra blank pages for each season.  Bind the book with yarn or staples. Return to your tree each month or season.  Learning about the seasons from nature observation is the best and most fun kind of learning activity.  Enjoy.

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