30+ Addition and Subtraction Apps

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Download these addition apps and subtraction apps for your kids to learn and practice their math facts! I’ve found over 30 for you to check out — many of which are free.

30+ Addition Apps and Subtraction Apps

More or Less
More or Less FREE
Don’t miss this app — it’s visually clean and beautiful and provides EXCELLENT visuals to correspond to the numbers! Love it.

playmath addition
playMath addition subtraction FREE
A decent addition and subtraction app with games with the option of multi-player games.

Goza: The Key Quest $1.99
This engaging math app gets kids fighting bad guys while solving math problems. 6 levels of difficulty so you’ll grow with the app and can use it for several years.

Math Cubes
I’d like to see the visual representations of the numbers a bit more clearly (see the strawberries in the above photo) but I do like the graphics and blocks that you throw up to complete the equations. Fun!

Hungry Guppy
Motion Math: Hungry Guppy $3.99
Meant to teach numbers as well as addition, this is a GREAT app for beginners who are learning what adding means because they drag the bubbles to add things together. I love that physical component of putting something together.

OctoPlus $.99
This new app would be better free. It’s nothing special and doesn’t provide the extra visual support other apps do for beginning learners.

 counting kingdom
The Counting Kingdom 
Add the numbered monsters and select the correct answer. Each level gives you a new spell. Fun!

math apps for kids
Marble Math Jr. 
Players are shown a maze and given a math problem. Example: collect numbers equal to 8 (=5, 3) or collect from last to first (8th, 6th, 4th, 1st). Drag or roll the marble through the maze to complete the problem. Three levels of play. The maze makes it seem like a game making the math practice more fun for kids.

magical mental math educational app
Magical Mental Math FREE
In this wizarding world, players use addition or subtraction to make the number provided — it’s a decent way to get kids thinking and solving problems.

learning apps for kids
Moose Math $3.99
Build cool things for your own city while practice counting, addition, subtraction and geometry. Some of the fun math activities include making smoothies, playing bingo, searching for lost shapes, and playing dot to dot.

My Backpack Free Learning App for 4 - 7 year olds
My Backpack FREE
It amazes me how much is packed into this app — all for free. There are story books, learning songs, math games, and nursery rhymes which are in English and in Spanish.

educational apps
Squeebles Maths Race $1.99
FAMILY FAVORITE!! Try to get your fish to the finish line first. Each question you answer correctly lets you move closer to the finish. Pick from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division in four levels of difficulty. When you win, you earn squabbles and flipfish to use in your races. Play against the computer or a friend.

Rocket Solver
Rocket Solver $3.98
Practice your addition and subtraction while searching for lost crew members on a strange planet. Singapore Math number bonds included!

educational apps
Pet Bingo $1.99
A cute and lively math facts educational app with 3 levels of difficulty. Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division and answer math equations with the answers a bingo board. Each flip of an answer gives you a cartoon pet picture. When you get bingo you get a pet to keep who you can take care of and feed.

Mathmateer $.99
This is a fun game-based way to practice math operations such as: numbers, addition, subtraction, telling time, money, and more.

Sushi Monster
Lots of levels of math practice in this one — 7 addition levels, and 5 multiplication levels. We think this is lots of fun.

Learning Apps
YodelOhMath $.99

FUN! Kids can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice in this cute game of a Swiss man climbing up a mountain. The object is to keep the climber from reaching the top by answering math equations correctly. Also, I love vintage-looking graphics in this game.

math and science apps for kids
Mystery Math Museum $2.99
A fun adventure through museum buildings to help kids recall math facts. Solve addition, subtraction, multiplication or division equations. Set the levels of difficulty and type of math at the beginning of the math app. (By the makers of Mystery Math Town.)

Educational Apps
Wonder Bunny Math Race 
Help Wonder Bunny collect carrots and win the race as you learn numbers, counting, addition and subtraction.
on Google Play

math apps for kids
Math Blaster Hyperblast 2  F
REE / $1.99
We love this fun video arcade-type game with different lessons and levels of difficulty,  you are on a rocket ship zooming through a tunnel full of dangers you must shoot and destroy and the equation numbers.

splash math
Splash Math 
FREE, $9.99
A practice and play math app for each grade level with prizes and reports on progress. Concepts covered are place value, numbers sense, addition strategies, 2 digit addition, subtraction strategies, 2 digit subtraction, time, measurements, geometry, data, money, 3 digit addition, 3 digit subtraction.

Montessori 1st Operations App
Montessori 1st Operations 
I love how Montessori 1st Operations gives kids visual support for math problems. For each problem, not only is the number shown, but a visual, too. So, you’ll see the number 5 as well as a 5-cubed rod or 5 dots. Talk about making the abstract concrete! For extra practice and reinforcement, kids can play Monster or Bubble games. Very well done, great for young learners!

timed test arcade app
Timed Test Arcade 
JJ plays this penguin-themed math app in school and loves it. Set up a timed test in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division pick the range of numbers, the number of problems on the test, and the time. Also, you can choose to receive instant feedback after each problem. After taking the test, kids can play a game in the arcade – Fish Drop help or Party Penguin – big fun!

Be the hero and save Captain Memo using math skills! I highly recommend this app because it helps kids learn and practice four addition strategies – 1) count all (you must touch each block and count), or 2) count on (start from one number and count up, 3) doubles, and 4) tens. It’s uses visual and kinesthetic modalities to teach the addition strategy and skill practice. Fantastic!

Learning Apps
Shopkeeper + 
Become a shopkeeper. You’ll serve customers, take their money, and buy new stock for the shop. It’s a fun game for preschoolers to practice counting and adding.

learning apps
A fun, interactive story that asks the reader to help Jake find his lost stuffed bunny at the carnival. Play the categorizing balloons game. Look for colors, shapes, or clusters of balloons.Make a picture using the provided stickers.

learning apps
Number Run $1.99
I love this app for math practice. Your character runs and must answer the math problem (such as 1 + 5) correctly to defeat the upcoming obstacles.

math apps for kids
JumpStart Jet Pack 
Pick from either reading or math play within the three levels of curriculum, then select from three levels of difficulty. Players fly through the correct answers or zap the incorrect numbers – you have a jetpack  and get to fly around – we think it’s “cool” and totally fun.

math apps for kids
Monkey Math School 
Great prizes and graphics keep kids engaged on this fun preschool – K math app.

Learning Apps
Mystery Math Town $2.99

One of the best apps I’ve seen for it’s learning, entertainment value, and beautiful graphics. Tap on the objects to get an equation. For each equation, find the numbers in the screen that make it true. Each house on the path is progressively more challenging.

crackers and goo
Crackers and Goo $2.99
Uses patterns to teach well, patterns, but also addition and mental math. I don’t love the visuals – everything seems too small to my eyes. Is that just me?
math bingo
Math Bingo $1.99
Fun math facts recall where you win monsters. Good for review and practice. A similar game to Math Monsters.

Math Puppy
Math Puppy 
Cute math practice app with two game options.

math girl
Math Girl Addition House $.99
Basic addition and patterns in a girl-centric math app.

reviews of over 30 addition and subtraction apps with great free options

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  1. What a Great reinforcing math games for kids that can help to teach problem solving skills in a fun way. If your kid’s crazy about furry friends, she’ll love this app, which teaches the basic concepts of addition and subtraction with pictures. Featuring bright colors and simple graphics that won’t over-stimulate, Addition & Subtraction for Kids allows your little one to choose from three possible numbers that might answer the pictorial math problem on screen. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and insight.