Build Your Own 3D Toy with Potatoyz App

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sponsored PostI didn’t think my kids would get to try 3D printing before me but it happened with POTATOYZ,  a brand new interactive app and toy created by the animators of The Lorax and Despicable Me. Children create and customize a toy in the app which can be sent to a 3D printer, made for real, and sent to your child. It’s totally cool to see your imagination come to life! And, where else can you make your own toy?!

Build Your Own 3D Toy with Potatoyz App

1. Download the Potatoyz App. (FREE)

This is a very well-designed app with easy-to-follow prompts perfect for readers and non-readers alike. Not to mention, it’s quick to load and smooth in making transitions.

Potatoyz app and 3D toys

2. Create Your Potatoyz.

If you want, you can customize your own toy (Potatoyz) with a range of pre-designed Models. Color in your toy using the palette of colors and finger in the Pens section.

But you don’t have to use any of the models. Simply create your own Potatoyz from scratch in Pens. (I don’t know about your kids, but mine aren’t as skilled in finger drawing control. We decided not to make our toy this way.)

Build Your Own 3D Toy with Potatoyz App

What about starting with Patterns? Pick a different one for each — back, front, sides, and bottom — from a huge selection.  After you do that, you can add stickers or drawings.

Build Your Own 3D Toy with Potatoyz App

Next, go to the Stickers section. This area lets you choose your toys features such as accessories, eyes, arms, noses, and mouths. There are many, many awesome choices — so many imaginative possibilities for you kids. If yours are like mine, they might be creating a bazillion toys, making the one they wish to print a difficult choice. (But that’s okay, it’s good for their imagination and decision-making skills, right!?)

3D Toy and Potatoyz App

My kids put a Harry Potter lightning bolt scar and a cupcake stamp on the rear end (like My Little Pony) or their blue Potatoyz. I made them work together — isn’t that a fun cooperative learning activity to do?! Here’s a screenshot:

Build Your Own 3D Toy with Potatoyz App

3. Now, select DONE and if you’re ready, you can choose to have your creation become real with the 3D PRINT option.

(Our toy was priced at $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping.)

Soon, the toy will arrive in the mail. (P.S. My kids loved that it was shipped from France!)

Potatoyz App and 3D Toys

This review of Potatoyz app and toy was sponsored by Potatoyz but all opinions are my own.

Build Your Own 3D Toy with Potatoyz App

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