Alphabet, Phonics, and Sight Word Apps for Growing Readers

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I love reading apps for kids because they’re not just mindless tech time but either provide practice or learning to read.

Learning letters and letter sounds start a child’s journey to reading words and these alphabet and phonics apps will help. Learning “sight words,” or words to recognize at a glance, is another step. Download these sight word apps when your child is ready to learn these commonly used words.

Click on the image or name of app to see or buy it in the Apple App store. Android links are indicated in parenthesis when available.

You’ll find 2 sections below:

  1. Emergent Reader Phonics and Alphabet Apps
  2. Sight Word Apps

emergent reading apps for kids

Emergent Reading Apps for Kids

 Starfall ABC
Starfall ABC $2.99 (Android)
See, hear, and interact with letters and sounds in words, sentences, and games.

Duolingo ABC reading app
Duolingo ABC FREE
Watch children grow as readers with three levels and 300 bite-sized activities that teach the alphabet, phonics, and sight words. Children work independently and progress through the sequential curriculum.

abcs phonics
ABCs Alphabet Phonics & Montessori FREE
Based on the proven Montessori learning method, Kids Academy develops spelling, writing and reading skills through games.

EduKitty ABC FREE (Android)
14 Different games teach children about Letter Recognition, Alphabet Sequence, Letter Memory, Spelling, Upper Case to Lower Case Match and more.

 alphabet sounds
Alphabet Sounds $2.99 (Android)
There are FOUR levels of interactive play, based on how children develop in their awareness of letter sounds.

 Dora's ABCs
Dora’s ABCs $4.99 Letters and Sounds (Android)
Learn to recognize letters, write letters and associate letters with sounds.

Pocket Phonics
Pocket Phonics $6.99 (Android)
PocketPhonics shows children how to write letters using an arrow they can follow with their finger or stylus. PocketPhonics supports two different writing styles, and for each style, kids can write in lowercase, uppercase and cursive.

Alphabet Aquarium Early Reading Letters FREE
Aquarium presents the wonderful world of letters in four great games.

Avokiddo ABC
Avokiddo ABC Ride $2.99 (Android)
Bike with your favorite characters Beck and Bo in this wonderful A – Z alliteration adventure and experience the alphabet like never before!

$2.99 (Android)
26 fun preschool puzzles and mini-games that helps kids learn the alphabet.

dr. seuss abc
Dr. Seuss’s ABC $3.99 (Android)
Learn your ABCs with Dr. Seuss in this interactive book app for young readers.

Letter Muncher
Letter Muncher $1.99 (Android)
Designed and tested by educators and parents of young children, Letter Muncher will help your child build vocabulary while mastering the essential skills of identifying initial consonant sounds and the letter or letters that represent them.

Grandma's Preschool
Grandma’s Preschool $.99
Touch, play, and explore to discover interactive games, challenges, puzzles, and problems to solve.

first words at home
First Words at Home
First Words Deluxe provides endless fun for the toddlers in your life, all while giving your child a head start on learning their letters and learning to spell words.

Bugsy Kindergarten Reading School $2.99
Alphabet — lowercase & uppercase letters, Phonics — beginning, ending & vowel sounds, Reading — Dolch sight words & more.

Hairy Phonics
Hairy Phonics $2.99
Save the Hairies by learning phonemes, tracing letters, and blending sounds. Cute!

Abby Monkey
Phonics and Letter Sounds School
FREE (Android)
Lay the basics of your child’s literacy skills with this colorful, mysterious island full of phonics sounds. Children learn and have fun tracing letters, recognizing letter sounds, matching letters, and identifying beginning sounds.

Hooked on Phonics Preschool
Hooked on Phonics Preschool $.99 (Android)
Letter matching and letter-name recognition skills + more!

Letter Quiz School FREE
7 games to teach letter recognition, association of words with their beginning letter, and alphabetical order.

Super why Beginning Reading Apps for Kids
Super Why Phonics Fair for iPad $2.99 (Android)
I like that in all these fun games, kids can choose upper case or lower case letters! Then, watch classic Super Why videos and decorate a place in the Phonics Fair. A great quality learn to read app for kids based on a favorite PBS show.

Word Wagon
Word Wagon HD
Word Wagon is a fun, award-winning app teaching letters, phonics and spelling. Based on Common Core State Standards kids will learn letter names, sounds and spelling of 4 and 6 letter words.

reading raven
Reading Raven
This app helps preschoolers practice and match letters and sounds. It’s simple but fun for kids who are learning letters.

Impressive Beginning Reader App - Tiggly Words
Tiggly Words (Android)
Physical letters (vowels) to use with apps: Tiggly TalesTiggly Doctor, or Tiggly Submarine and children ages 4 – 8 can construct words and solve problems. We LOVE this app!

Sight Word Reading Apps for Kids

Duolingo ABC reading app
Duolingo ABC FREE
Watch children grow as readers with three levels and 300 bite-sized activities that teach the alphabet, phonics, and sight words. Children work independently and progress through the sequential curriculum.

sight word reading apps for kids
Mystery Word Town
 $2.99 (Android)
To travel through this old-time western town, collect a letter  and spell a sight word. A narrator reads the sight word which has a blank space. You must pick one of the letters you’ve collected to finish the word with one space. Also, players must find the gold pieces and catch the outlaws.

Bugsy sight word reading apps for kids
Bugsy Kindergarten Reading School $2.99
Alphabet — lowercase & uppercase letters, Phonics — beginning, ending & vowel sounds, Reading — Dolch sight words & more.

Reading Eggy sight word reading apps for kids
Reading Eggy Words
$.99 (Android)
Eggy Words 250 is an application designed to help children recognize and learn sight words. Sight words are words that readers should know automatically “at sight”, such as he, the, was and where.

sight words sight word reading apps for kids
Sight Words: Kids Learn
Combine fun, easy-to-follow activities with hands-on and audio features to jumpstart the learning process. Created by reading experts such as Dr. Fry, Kids Learn Sight Words uses developmentally appropriate approaches to let the child.

word puzzle games sight word reading apps for kids
Word Puzzles: Kids Learn Sight Words Games
This app combines word recognition practice with entertaining, engaging graphics in a disguised-learning format.

The Sight Word Adventure sight word reading apps for kids
The Sight Word Adventure
A fun-filled game where children can learn to recognize, read, and write up to 320 sight words!

Reading Apps
Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic (Learning Touch)
$3.99 (Android)
Each page shows the sentence and a black and white drawing. Great for beginning readers!

Bob Books #2
Bob Books #2 Reading Magic $3.99 (Android)
Now set #2 is here with twelve new scenes and over 50 words!

sight word apps for kids
Sight Word Games by This Reading Mama $2.99 (Android)
Two sections, one for learning and one for playing games, make this a great choice. Games include bingo, hang man, and more.

Monkey Word School sight word reading apps for kids
Monkey Word School $1.99 (Android)
Monkey Word School Adventure! Join Monkey and his jungle friends as they explore a fun-filled world of letters, sight words, phonics and spelling.

Learning Apps
Sight Word Bingo (Android)
Engaging app for learning sight words.

sight words CFC
Sight Words Games by Abby Monkey FREE
Entirety of 220 SIGHT WORDS from the popular Dolch list (with extra 94 NOUNS!)

Pixopop sight words
Pixopop Sight Words
This app will help your child learn sight words through seeing, hearing and spelling. 

Reading (and Writing) Apps for Kids
Endless Reader
Free / In-App Bundles of Words
Learn sight words with word puzzles, letters that come alive, and a sentence puzzle for each word. It’s fun to see the sentence become animated.

alphabet, phonics, and sight word apps for growing readers

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