The Top Hockey Books for Kids

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Read more about the sport of hockey with these top hockey children’s books for kids that are filled with stories of the sport or information about the sport.

If you have a sports fan, read the sports books on this list.

The Top Hockey Books for Kids

hockey books for kids
Goodnight Hockey
 (Sports Illustrated Kids)
by Michael Dahl, illustrated by Christina Forshay
ages 1 – 5
At the city’s outdoor arena, the hockey action is fast-paced and easy to follow through the book’s narration and illustrations. And when it’s game over, the kids happily say good-night. I’m impressed at how well Goodnight Hockey introduces young children to the game basics.

Let’s Play Hock
ey by Ginger Swift, illustrated by Katheryn Selbert
ages 1 – 4
What an adorable lift-the-flap board book all about hockey! Learn the basics with animal players who introduce words like goalie and referee.

hockey books for kids
My First Book of Hockey Sports Illustrated Kids A Rookie Book

ages 1 – 5
I highly recommend this informative book of cool graphics, simple text, and full color photographs that will teach young children about the game of hockey.

A Day for Sk
ating by Sarah Sullivan, illustrated by Madeline Valentine
ages 1 – 5
A simple slice-of-life book about ice skating in the winter. The lyrical, rhyming text shows the experience of being on the ice, racing, playing hockey, falling down, and more.

I Spy with My Little Eye Hockey
by Matt Napier
ages 1 – 5
Search carefully in the hockey-related I Spy book photographs to spot the differences between photographs.

It’s Hockey Time, Franklin
by Jason Cooper, Charles M. Schultz, and illustrated by Scott Jeralds
ages 4 – 8
The Peanuts gang needs to work out their differences to everyone can share the pond and play hockey. They decide to share the ice only if Franklin’s team wins the next game.

hockey books for kids
The Boy in Number Four
by Kara Kootstra, illustrated by Reagan Thomson
ages 4 – 8
I enjoyed this picture book about Bobby Orr’s life as a young boy playing hockey — how hard he worked and how much he loved playing.

Z is for Zamb
oni by Matt Napier, illustrated by Melanie Rose
ages 2 – 8
Learn about hockey with this illustrated alphabet book. Each page contains a basic description of the word, an illustration, ad a sidebar with more in-depth information.

ages 4 – 12
Whenever I volunteer in the school library, I see groups of kids huddled up reading sports facts books just like this one. I think elementary kids, especially hockey fans, will devour the pages of this book, too. From the beginnings of hockey to the present day, readers will learn about old-style skates to current skates, and gear including outfits, famous players, coaches, and teams. For hockey players and fans, this is a must-read.

There Are No Figure Eights in Hockey
by Chris Kreie, illustrated by Jorge Horacion Santillan
ages 6 – 9
Josh’s so good at figure skating, he’s won a gold medal. Now he’s decided to try hockey but it’s a big learning curve because, there are no figure eights in hockey.

Face-Off by Jake Maddox, illustrated by Sean Tiffany
ages 6 – 9
This book is perfect for hockey fans who need a beginning chapter book to get them excited about reading. This story starts out fast and furious in the middle of Kyle’s game. He’s hoping to match his brother’s scoring total but his teammate Connor hogs the puck all the time. Find more Jake Maddox sports books here.

Body Check
by Matt Christopher
ages 8 – 12
Brent is a 12-year-old player who learns that his team’s new coach is teaching players illegal moves so they’ll win at any cost. What will he do– go along with it or make a hard decision?

What Is the Stanley Cup?
by Gail Herman
ages 6 – 9
Learn about the National Hockey League’s championship game, The Stanley Cup — how it started, how it continued through tough times, and now.

hockey books for kids
by Cynthia Kadohata, illustrated by Maurizio Zorat
ages 8 – 12
is a slice of life story about a boy who lives for hockey but worries about his sick dog, his policeman single dad, and money. While it did surprise me that there wasn’t a major conflict, the atmospheric snapshot of the boy’s life felt authentic and held my interest.

Hockey Wars
by Sam Lawrence and Ben Jackson
ages 8 – 12
Mille and Cameron have been best friends forever but when they’re put on different teams (a boy team and a girl team,) their friendship deteriorates. Now they’re fighting a war of who is the best at hockey– boys or girls.

Kids Book of Hockey
by John Sias
I don’t love the black and white photographs or the design of this book but it contains information about the basics and techniques that might be helpful to beginning players.
top hockey books for kids
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