The Case for Closed Tablets: Learning with Smile Zemi

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If you’re a parent, chances are your child has a tablet. It’s probably encased in a colorful, drop-proof jacket. And chances are, your kid’s nose prints are on the screen from staring at apps, books, and videos. But now your kids can love their tablets AND use them for learning the closed system tablet from Smile Zemi, It’s for kids in grades 1 to 5 so they can foster their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, improve reading comprehension, and learn new math concepts.

Since the tablet is a deeply loved form of entertainment for many kids, the question becomes: Can parents harness the tablet’s form to capitalize on learning

YES. This is what Smile Zemi, the new tablet-based learning system from Japanese-based JustSystems, is trying to do for children.

Using an ample amount of videos, exercises, and quizzes, their tablet is designed to improve performance in math and English Language Arts (ELA), as well as align with Common Core standards

Learning with Smile Zemi

I had a chance to try out this tablet with my kids (9 and 12), and I have thoughts. Let’s break it down:

Maximizes the Tablet’s “Cool Factor” 

Since kids generally like tablets, Smile Zemi’s version will entice kids right off the bat. It comes in a colorful case and is an actual tablet, not some tablet-type tech that kids will see through right away. 

Even better: there is a stylus, and it’s great. It wrote cleanly and erased easily whenever we needed to solve a problem or think through a solution. 

Maximizes the Tablet’s “Independence Factor”

Tablets are a fabulous tool for keeping kids occupied. And like so many beloved tablet apps, Smile Zemi does not require additional input from a parent. It is an all-in-one teacher, tutor, and cheerleader.

Parents can sign into their accounts and see their child’s progress anytime. From there, I suppose parents could determine if they need to supplement with face-to-face learning or if they want to continue to let the program guide the process.

Minimizes the Tablet’s “Distraction Factor”

Let’s face it: tablets are a distraction machine. There can be advertisements, questionable content, and kids can switch from one app to another with the swipe of a finger.

But Smile Zemi’s tablet strips that away, giving kids a chance to work deeply without distractions. After all, there is nowhere else to go except the assigned Smile Zemi lessons.

There is no access to the Internet or other apps. Talk about keeping kids focused on learning!

Minimizes the Tablet’s “Entertainment Factor”

Although Smile Zemi does give kids an opportunity to earn rewards such as avatars, wallpapers, collection cards, or camera albums, the purpose of this system is not to entertain. The purpose is to study, to work hard, and to make progress. Whether kids stick with it day in and day out is up for debate.

Like so much in life, we have to strike a balance as parents. Traditional tablets can sometimes lean too heavily on the entertainment-only, distraction-based side. With Smile Zemi, parents can add in a heavy dose of education and deep work. Can that same balance be found within traditional tablet apps? Can it be found more cheaply than the $79.99 monthly price tag? Can it be found outside tablets all together with one-on-one tutoring? Possibly.

With tablets providing such a pull in our children’s lives, it’s worth seeing what specific balance works best for you.

Smile Zemi’s curriculum is a great option for parents of elementary-age children to support children in reading comprehension skills as well as math and problem-solving skills.

Smile Zemi Back-To-School Special Offer!!

From July 17th – July 31st, the Smile Zemi tablet fee of $329.99 will be $0.00 with a special coupon (provided on the website).

Condition: The offer is valid under the condition of continuing the subscription for one year. Subscribers who sign up using this coupon cannot cancel or change the subscription plan until the contract ends. 


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