New Picture Books About Books, Stories, and the Alphabet

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Recently I read several amazing picture books about books, stories, and the alphabet — which seemed to all fit together. I figured these books were something you might just love for your own kids or your classroom. Here we go, . . . books about books.

Picture Books About Books

Picture Books About Books
Once Upon an Alphabet Short Stories for All the Letters
by Oliver Jeffers
My kids and I ADORE this amazing picture book! Oliver Jeffers writes wonderfully quirky (of course) short stories for each letter, the stories connect (of course) and it’s an alphabet adventure like nothing you’ve experienced (of course) with a LOT of laughs!

Picture Books About Books
Books Always Everywhere
by Jane Blatt, illustrated by Sarah Massini
Oh, I just love this beautifully illustrated book about books! Book wide, book tall, . . . book start, book stop, . . . book rainy, book sunny. Reading this feels like I’m in a wonderful library or book store. Lovely.

Picture Books About Books
A Perfectly Messed Up Story
by Patrick McDonnel
Very funny with fantastic art! Louie is happy to tell his happy story until — hey, did you just spill peanut butter on me? As the reader makes more of a mess, and Louie tries to restart with story without success, he gets upset and tells the reader to start treating books with some respect. But as he learns, even when things don’t go perfectly, it will be okay.

Picture Books About Books
Violet and Victor Write The Best-Ever Bookworm Book 
by Alice Kuipers, illustrated by Bethanie Deeney Murguia
When Violet Small wants to write the best-ever book with help from her twin brother Victor Small, he’d rather count his pet worms. But, through brainstorming of the bickering kind and some cooperation, the two invent a suspenseful adventure about a book-eating bookworm. The illustrations are eye-catching, too – mixed media and pencil sketches. I love how the twins each have their own color ink and own color notebook paper for the story. This is a fantastic story about the creative process.
This is a book you must read aloud because “here’s how books work: Everything the words say, the person reading the book has to say.” for example, “I am a monkey who taught myself to read.” “And my head is made of blueberry pizza” “My only friend in the whole wide world is a hippo named BOO BOO BUTT.” Side-splitting to listeners and the reader alike, this is a fantastically fun book.
Picture Books About Books
This Book Just Ate My Dog!
by Richard Byrne
Yikes – Bella was taking her dog for a stroll across the page when the dog disappears into the book. Help comes but they all get sucked into the book, too! Bella goes to investigate herself because this book is being very naughty. Your kids will laugh through this entire story – it’s quite funny – and they (the readers) will have to help get everything out of the book.
books about books

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  1. veronica geller says:

    wow melissa, love the round up. just adore picture books, especially by “antoon krings”, they are all in french. but amazing stories and awesome illustrations. just cant look away 🙂

  2. :Donna Marie says:

    I find it almost impossible to resist picture books about books 🙂 Have you also seen Snatchabook? Love it! And I think THE BOOK WITH NO PICTURES is brilliant!

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