Educational Gift Guide for Kids: Writing Gifts

What are the best writing gifts for children? How about a secret message decoder, a Montessori object box, a special journal, and more?!

Update: 2012 Education and Learning Toys and Games Gift Guide for Kids

P.S. The Book Gift Guide is here – pick the best books for kid gifts!




It’s a Book! It’s a Card! Send-a-Story | $4.99 | All Ages

A greeting card-sized 32-page picture book with a personalized message inside. Choose from: Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett; Clement Clarke Moore’s ’Twas the Night Before Christmas, illustrated by Jessie Wilcox Smith; Santa Claus the World’s Number One Toy Expert by Marla Frazee; and Naomi Howland’s Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat.

Buy any of the Send-a-Story Books

Montessori Object Box | $18.75 | Ages 4 – 6

Fun phonetic objects with matching laminated cards to get your children reading and writing three letter phonetic words. The objects are high quality made from authentic materials – not plastic.
1 Box – Stylish Black and White Stripes
7 Miniature Phonetic Objects (Consonant -Vowel- Consonant)
Dog, Pot, Mop, Pan, Bag, Cup & Hat
7 Laminated Word Cards in Montessori Print to match Objects – 1 inch x 2 inches. Made with love by Sarah Folsom, a certified Montessori teacher, in a pet and smoke free home.
Buy Montessori Object Box 

Forest Thank You Cards | $10.00  | Ages 5 +

Woodland theme thank you notes and stickers show woodland animals ready to party in a glade or float through a sunny sky with friendly clouds…all illustrated by Valeria Petrone. 10 ready-to-decorate note cards in 2 designs 6 sheets of stickers

Buy Forest Create Thank You Cards

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet | $39.99 | Ages 5 +

Write on this lightweight (4.2 ounce), ultrathin (1.8 inch) liquid crystal display with the included stainless steel stylus or a even a finger. Take notes, draw pictures or diagrams, make a list…the sky’s the limit and Boogie notes stay put until you delete them. Take it with you, leave one on your desk, or mount one to your refrigerator or filing cabinet.

Buy Boogie Board LCD Tablet

Fundanoodle Gross Motor Alphabet Cards | $12.99 | Ages 4 – 5

Each card has an upper case letter on one side and adorable animal and action on the other.  You and your child can have fun as you “Run like a Fox” or “Roll like an Armadillo.”  They learn to recognize the alphabet, improve flexibility, and strengthen muscles. Trace the letter on the back of the card for reinforcement and handwriting practice. A sturdy ring means you’ll never lose a single card. Recipient of the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval award. (Lower Case Letters Available)

Buy Muscle Movers Gross Motor Cards

Fundanoodle Writing Tablets – I Can Write Lower Case Letters | $5.99 | Ages 5 and 6

Fun action words like zip and zoom help teach your child proper lower case letter formation. The exercises build eye-hand coordination, pencil control, and other fine motor skills essential to writing. Easy-to-use stop and go grid lines provide visual cues, helping kids align letters and stay within writing boundaries. Letters are sequenced according to a child’s development of visual and motor skills. Includes tips for parents for helping children use the proper posture, pencil grip, and paper stabilization techniques. A sticker-based reward system will keep kids focused and motivated.

Buy Fundanoodle I Can Write Lower Case!

Alphabet Magnet Kids Handwriting |$23.00 | Ages 3 and up

  This colorful alphabet magnet set has 27 pieces, A to Z and a smiley face or heart, 1-inch diameter. The “Kids’ Hand” font created by Samantha at NiceButton. She prints designs on 100% recycled white paper before hand-pressing and assembling the magnets. Additional letters are available for spelling extra words and names. A cute way to encourage kids who are learning to spell! Buy Alphabet Magnets

Teach My Toddler, Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes & Colors | $49.99 | Ages 4

  The kit is divided into four sections to teach your toddler – The Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes and Colors. Requiring no batteries or DVDs, the kit has an assortment of everything necessary to teach numbers, teach the alphabet and all of the basics. The kit contains fully-coordinated teaching tools; 5 puzzles, 4 board books, 4 posters and 4 sets of flashcards, all in one portable & storable carrying case. Buy Teach My Toddler Kit

How to Be the Best Bubble Writer in the World Ever! | $11.49 | Ages 6 and up

How to Be the Best Bubblewriter in the World, Ever! shows you how to create your own hand-drawn letters. The book contains over 70 alphabets, inspired by everything from hairy monsters to butterflies, insects to ice cream. Each double-page spread contains both the alphabet and an illustration that brings it to life. This book is designed to stimulate the creative minds of children of all ages. Buy Best Bubble Writer Ever!

Jump Up Kid Journal | $17.50 | Ages 6 and up

This über exciting journal is cleverly disguised as a future time capsule just for kids. (Don’t tell!)Measures 4 x 5.5 inches (approx. 10 x 14 cm)Writing prompts will have kids jumping into topics like:

  • Hmm. What stunning stuff has he done in his life?
  • Who’s her hero?
  • What does her bedroom look like right now?

I wonder. What are four ways he could make the world a better

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Bon Voyage Travel Journal | $17.00 | Ages 4

  A whimsical illustrated travel journal with maps and fun ideas. 160 pages. Full color. Features a protective vinyl slipcover with pockets for memorabilia, 4 tear out pages and more. Buy the Bon Voyage Travel Journal

Magnatab lower case letters | $24.95 | Ages 3 – 6

Learning to print the alphabet is made easier with this tactile magnetic alphabet board. Beginning writers use a magnetic stylus to trace lowercase letters lined with metal beads. The stylus draws the beads up, creating a solid, raised letter. To “erase,” just retrace the letters with a fingertip—simple fun! Directional arrows guide the letter writers. Buy Magnatab

Secret Message Decoder | $13.00 | Ages 6 and up

Use the Secret Message Decoder to encrypt all your secret messages. Passing notes in class? The teacher won’t be able to tell what you wrote. Your secret note will look something like this: G41 x851af xe1 zb95a3. Secret Decoders come in sets of two, so you can give one to your best friend. The secret decoder disk uses a Caesar Cipher to encrypt and decrypt your secret messages. Buy Secret Message Decorder WIN THIS! 

WINMagnetic Comic Strip Kit | $28.00 | Ages 6 and up

Create your own comic strip on any magnet-receptive surface with over 20 cool magnets from the world of the MU! Blank magnetic write on/wipe off speech balloons and background panels let you dream up and create your own comic strip scenarios. Use on your fridge, dishwasher, radiator, or any metal or magnet-receptive surface!Includes over 20 flexible magnets from the world of the MU, 4 blank write on/wipe off background panels, 2 reusable write on/wipe off speech balloons, and dry erase marker (only intended for use on write on/wipe off surfaces). Buy Magnetic Comic Strip Kit
Seize the Story: Handbook for Teens Who Like to Write|$14.35 | Ages 13 and up

A Handbook for Teens Who Like to Write, Victoria Hanley, award-winning author of young adult fiction, spills the secrets for bringing action, adventure, humor, and drama to stories. All of the elements of fiction, from creating believable dialogue to exciting plots, are laid out clearly and illustrated with examples taken straight from story excerpts by excellent writers. The book is packed with writing exercises designed to encourage teens to tell the stories that are theirs alone.

Buy Seize the Story
Personalized Writing Box  | $25.00 | Ages 6 and up
A unique paper box container personalized with your child’s name and favorite colors!Your box will come filled with colorful wooden and mechanical pencils, unique children erasers, pencil grips, stamps and stamp pad, letter stickers, color your own stickers, and three books or tablets for your child to write and draw their own funny stories and pictures!As the contents of the box are used refill with more writing items, or let your child use it to store their own unique items or collections! Buy Writing Box

Holiday Correspondence Set  | $16.50 | Ages 6 and up

from Yellow Owl Workshop . . . Write in your own name or initials into the crest!12 notes (8.5 x 5.5 inches), 12 envelopes and 1 engraved pencil ; all recycled paper, packaged in 9 x 6 inch Kraft box with clear box top
Buy Holiday Correspondence Set

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