Summer Printable for Kids

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Download this amazing free summer learning printable for kids that will guide them in reading, writing, and math learning. (And prevent the summer slide & summer learning loss!)

Summer Printable for Kids

Stick the printables into a 3-ring binder or just staple the packet. (I like the binder because then I can add math worksheets and handwriting worksheets.) I added colorful dividers that I found at Target.

I’m planning for learning 4 days a week (minimum) for reading and 2 days a week for math and writing. Kids will keep track on the first pages.

brain camp weekly schedule - Summer Printable for Kids

Parents, you can set the time that you want your children to spend on each subject.

Kids pick from the activity choices. For example, in reading kids can choose to read outside, read in bed, read on the couch, read a joke book, and so forth. Fun, right? (Who doesn’t love choices!?)

Reading - Summer Printable for Kids

Feel free to add your own ideas for each subject. Use the space provided or the back of the page.

free printable summer brain camp writing

Even for math, the activities can be modified to meet the needs of your child. But all choices will benefit any student in the elementary grades and are meant to be fun.

Summer Learning Activities Printable for Kids from Imagination Soup

Add in extra pages like handwriting practice or math facts.

Summer Learning Activities Printable for Kids from Imagination Soup

Reward your kids with any of the printable coupons.

Brain Camp Reward Coupons

Bonus fun ideas in play, art, building, and outside play are included as well for those “I’m bored” moments.

Summer Learning Activities Printable for Kids from Imagination Soup

Download the Printables

Summer Learning Activities Printable for Kids from Imagination Soup

Summer Learning Ideas for Reading, Writing, and Math

Do you need book ideas? I have plenty! Go to: Summer Reading Lists by Grade Level.

Do you want a specific reading packet of activities? Go to: Summer Reading Printable Packet for Kids.

Do you need writing ideas? I love getting kids jazzed about writing. Visit: 20 Ideas for Summer Writing.

How about math? I’ve collected a list of resources and links for your summer math learning activities here.

Looking for a great workbook series? I recommend the Brain Quest Workbooks for summer learning.

Summer Learning Activities Printable for Kids from Imagination Soup

Summer Reading Book Lists for Kids

Picture Book List for Pre-Readers

1st Grade Reading List (age 6 – 7)

2nd Grade Reading List (age 7 – 8)

3rd Grade Reading List (age 8 – 9)

4th Grade Reading List (age 9 – 10)

5th Grade Reading List (age 10 – 11)

6th Grade Reading List (age 11 – 12)

7th Grade Reading List (age 12 – 13)

8th Grade Reading List (age 13 and up / teen)

Book Lists By Age with REVIEWS!

Easy Readers for 5- and 6- year olds
Beginning Chapter Books for 6- and 7- Year Olds
Books for 7-year olds
Books for 8-year olds
Books for 9-year olds
Books for 10-year olds
Books for 11-year olds
Books for 12-year olds
YA Books

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  1. Can you explain what the ‘R’ is please.
    It’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…….I am at a loss for the last one

  2. This is amazing! I can’t thank you enough. I was just starting to get overwhelmed with the summer approaching and now I feel so prepared! I even printed some for neighbors! Thank you so so much for doing all of this hard work and sharing it with us!

  3. Melissa – This is fabulous! I just finished putting together binders for my boys. I’ve mentioned it to 2 friends and they both requested the link, which I sent them. Really great. I think a “science” section could be a good addition….there are so many experiments to try out!

  4. Lovely! Thanks so much. I make similar lists for my kids every summer, but these are so much more beautiful! I’m making copies for all 3 of our girls….

      1. Hi I love this download booklet – Summer Brain Camp – but Im only able to rpint out page one (cover) then the next page has a message –