OwnVoices Books for Kids

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OwnVoices is a term for books written about a person or group of which the author also shares an identity.

Not only are these books diverse, the OwnVoices authenticity shines through. I find these to be valuable, wonderful stories with a genuine honesty and truth.

Discover the best OwnVoices books for children in the book lists below.

OwnVoices Books for Kids


OwnVoices Picture Books
OwnVoices Books for Kids

Not only are these picture books diverse, but they’re written by authors who represent the culture that the stories are about.


OwnVoices Beginning Chapter Books (Ages 6 – 9)Own Voices

Beginning readers need diverse, OwnVoices books just as much as anyone. Let your growing reader read books from this list of good books.


OwnVoices Historical Fiction Chapter Books (Ages 8 – 12)
Diverse Historical Fiction Chapter Books by #OwnVoices

These historical fiction chapter books are rich in atmosphere, character development, and authenticity.


OwnVoices Realistic Fiction Chapter Books (Ages 8 – 12)diverse OwnVoices middle grade chapter books

This realistic book list is long because we’re seeing more and more amazing OwnVoices books that are absolutely stunning and insightful. I’ve read all the books on this list and highly recommend them.


OwnVoices Books for Kids of All Ages


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