5 Recently Released Funny Picture Books

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Kids gravitate straight to funny stories, right? These new releases are sure to give your children the giggles and entertain them for many hours of reading. Enjoy!

5 Recently Released Funny Picture Books

The Cook and the King
by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by David Roberts
Kids will think this book is SOOOO funny! Because the main character, a scardey-cat chef, tricks the king. When the chef is too scared, the king catches the fish, digs for potatoes, chops up the food, and cooks the food. When the king loves the meal and hires the cook, it’s even funnier because he should have just hired himself!

The Panda Problem
by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Hanah Marks
Do you love books when the narrator talks to the main character? If so, you’ll want to read this humorous story. Because the narrator needs the panda main character to have a problem. But the panda doesn’t have any problems — no matter what the narrator suggests. In fact, it seems like the narrator might have a problem with the whole situation. That’s when Panda gets really silly and suggests crazy, funny ideas. Kids will be cracking up through this entire meta story about story elements.

Let Me Sleep, Sheep!
by Meg McKinlay, illustrated by Leila Rudge
Ready for your new favorite bedtime book? When the little boy trying to get to sleep starts to count sheep, the sheep stop him to explain that they’ll need a fence to jump. But the fence can’t be too low or too high. (They’re not kangaroos or rabbits after all.) Also, it needs to have color and they need a dance party while they’re waiting. Amos works hard to accomplish the sheep’s demands. In an ironic twist of fate, he is so tired that he falls fast asleep on the floor.

How to Light Your Dragon
by Fred Benaglia, illustrated by Didier Levy
Goofy directions explain to kids how to reignite your dragon’s missing flame. For example, maybe if you tickle your dragon, he will spark? Or maybe if you play cards, then cheat, you’ll make him angry, and he’ll explode? The narrator continues offering ideas but nothing works until you kiss your dragon on the nose. Because love is the answer. Bold, bright, crazy colors plus big typeface size make this sweet story visually appealing.

Steve, Terror of the Seas
by Megan Brewis
You’ll feel empathy for this little sad fish who can’t figure out why the other sea creatures are scared of him. Poor guy! You’ll keep wondering why he’s inspired so much fear until the very end when all is revealed — and it’s so funny! (Spoiler: Steve is a pilot fish who swims next to a shark because he keeps the shark free of parasites.)


Do your kids like to read funny picture books? If so, they’ll want to see my top picks for the funniest picture books stories here.

5 Recently Released Funny Picture Books

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