Sperm Meets Egg For Valentine’s Day

Recently one of my favorite companies, GIANTmicrobes®, sent me a Valentine’s Day gift, of sex education.

Yes, it’s true. In the Heart Warming Valentine’s Day Mini-Microbe Box, I got the following: Sperm Cell, Egg Cell, Kissing Disease, Penicillin, and Amoeba.

Aren’t they so cute and cuddly and wouldn’t any child want to play with them?

Look at that bow on Sperm’s head. “It’s a girl Sperm!” said my 5 year old when she saw it.

Okay, why not. I might as well remind them of how babies are made. It’s been awhile, . . . um . . . well, almost never. I explained it when I was pregnant to my 2 year old and another other time in the car after roller derby when I thought AJ overheard something. At the time she was seven. She said, “I KNOW, mom. I studied birds.” (I didn’t remember that part of the bird report but, okay.)

So, back to today, where we have the sperm and the egg. They join up and that makes a baby in the mommy’s uterus.

(Aren’t I good so far?)

Any questions?

. . .

My kids have no questions which I take to mean, that’s enough for now. We can do more tomorrow when Sperm meets Egg Part Two.

I do take this seriously so I’m glad this opportunity occurred to remind me to talk about sex. I want to be sure the girls have all the correct information before they’re told something incorrect and believe it.

Recently I read an excellent book called Talking Sex With Your Kids. Amber Madison, the book’s author, actually endorses my car talk. Apparently when you can’t make eye contact, it makes the conversation easier.

I wonder what she’d think about sperm and egg plush toys?

I wonder what plush microbes they have for puberty?


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    If my children had played with these I think I’d be laughing out loud every time they had the microbes talking with each other. And I can hear my mother’s favorite saying ringing in my ears right now, “Is nothing sacred anymore?!!”


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