14 Best Fidget Toys for Focus and Calm

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Have you considered buying one of the best fidget toys to help your child focus and calm? Many kids (and adults) love these focusing toys to keep their hands busy so they can focus!

And yes, both children and adults can use fidget and sensory toys, in particular, learners with ADHD, OCD, autism, sensory processing disorder, or high anxiety levels.

These toys can help promote attention because when you keep your hands busy, it can actually focus your brain so you can concentrate on another task like reading or memorizing math facts.

Another benefit of fidget toys for adults and kids is that it can reduce stress and anxiety. The focused movement can give your brain relief from another stressful thought but allowing your focus to be pulled into the repetitive movement.

Interestingly enough, fidget toys also improve your fine motor skills.

That being said, my own daughter and husband both have ADHD but they find fidget toys totally distracting.

Conversely, my friend’s son relies on them daily to help him pay better attention to his classes.

Would a fidget or sensory toy be calming any of your kids, helping them pay attention to their online school?

It’s worth a try!

Here are some of the best fidget toys that work for many kids including my friend’s son. (Taken directly from his desk!)

*originally posted 5/16/23 during COVID, updated 7/22/23

13 Best Fidget Toys

Kinetic Desk Toy
This cool sphere spins silently and may help kids focus and relax.

Narwhal Stress Balls

Squeeze these cute narwhal stress balls for focus and stress relief. My eldest daughter loves these balls because the beads inside give her extra sensory input.

Bubble Pop Fidget Toy
While it’s probably the perfect fidget toy for younger kids, I must tell you that my teenage daughter LOVES these bubble pop toys, too. So all ages can use these best fidget toys for stress relief or to stay focused.

Tangle Brand Twister

Here’s a fidget toy to twist and tangle that will keep your kids’ hands busy while their brain listens and focuses on learning.

Fidget Spinner Toy
Here’s the classic fidget spinner. Fidget spinners are an easy way to support focus and fidgety hands.

Roller Chain Toy
Would your child like this quiet chain link toy to roll in their fingertips?

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
My daughter who has ADHD and anxiety both absolutely loves playing with Thinking Putty. Not necessarily for learning but for calming anxious thoughts.

Monkey Doodle Stretchy Strings
Stretch, pull, twirl, wrap and squeeze these bouncy strings. These are great toy options for sensory and tactile stimulation because they can engage your brain and help with focus or anxiety.

Fidget Cube

Kids use this fidget cube to click, roll, spin, flip, and glide which will keep fingers busy and minds calm.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy
Keep your hands busy by flipping and folding this popular fidget gadget small enough to fit in one hand.

Meditation Zen Garden

Ooh, this looks inviting, doesn’t it? This tabletop Zen Garden might just help you focus and destress. Plus, how fun! This is one of the best fidget toys for all ages!

Pin Art Board
Mold the pins into different shapes using toys or your hand or other objects. The tactile pins against your skin feel weirdly good. Try one!

Flow Toy
Open big and close flat or roll this kinetic toy up and down your arm. These fidget toys are cool and playful fun for both kids and adults.

Sand Art Toy
Watch as the sand creates paintings and designs. Mesmerizing!

best fidget toys for kids

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