11 Best Educational iPad Apps for Elementary Kids

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Since my husband got an iPad for work, we’ve found that it can also be a great learning tool for the kids. Since I’ve only downloaded educational apps, they’re forced to choose an educational option. (Insert evil mom-laughter here –> Ha, ha, ha.)

So, without further ado, here are my mom-approved, kid-tested eleven favorite iPad educational apps for elementary-aged kids, not including eBooks. *I’ll put eBooks and iPad apps for preschoolers in separate posts.

1. Baseball McGraw-Hill 1 – 6 Facts Hooks kids by using baseball to practice math facts.

2. Stack the States Clever way to practice geography. AJ’s favorite.

3. Beat the Computer McGraw-Hill We got this when it was free, AJ likes it.

4. Tangram Love this for learning spacial relationships.

5. Math Girl Addition House Motivating way to practice and learn math.

6. Star Walk Very cool astronomy for everyone.

7. Robot Tycoon fun way to teach kids about entrepreneurship.

8. Mad Libs (expensive) Great for storytelling and parts of speech.

9. Hangman – spelling fun.

10. Doodlefit – can you say visual / spacial?

11. Playtime Theater — lots of ways to be creative here. My girls are addicted.

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