Minecraft Stop Motion Animation

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Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio was a recent reward for my Minecraft-loving daughter. It came with 1 movie stage, 6 different backgrounds, 3 exclusive mini-figures, a device holder, and over 18 other accessories. It’s been a fun way to make Minecraft stop motion movies. (Not to mention the bonus of getting cute collectibles.)

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Movie Creator

Minecraft Stop Motion Animation

making a minecraft stop motion movie

To set up your Minecraft movie scene, we recommend:

  • using a location by natural light (a window),
  • a white tri-fold poster board as background — something plain and simple just in case it gets into the movie, and
  • the device holder provided.

Minecraft Stop Motion Animation

We liked the animation studio set but didn’t like the app that went with it because it was too simple (–no ability to add music and other extra fun things.)

So, instead of the Minecraft Movie Creator, try the LEGO Movie Maker app. It’s also free and is very easy. My daughter thinks it’s the best of all the stop motion apps for kids that she’s tried. (She’s tried a bunch.)

Minecraft Stop Motion Animation

Carefully set up your scene.

The kit comes with a nice stand for your device. (No wobbling!)

Take the photograph when you’re ready.

Then move your figures a little bit and take another photograph.

When you’re done, you can add a title, music, and decide how long to hold each frame.

You’ll make a movie like this one . . .

This is what can be made using the LEGO Stop Motion app with the Minecraft Animation Studio. Cute, right?

**See our favorite kid-friendly Minecraft movie channels on YouTube here.

Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio REVIEW

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