Free Resources to Teach Fire Prevention (Including a Free App)

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Fire Prevention Week, October 7 – 13, 2018, is the perfect time to teach kids about fire prevention. Use the free parent and educator resources from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for preschool and elementary school (ages 4 – 10.) You’ll find free apps printables, activities for kids, and learning videos.

Fire Prevention Resources

Sparky Schoolhouse

Use the Sparky Schoolhouse teacher portal to access everything you might need for your children to learn about fire safety. The portal has:

  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Printables
  • Lesson plans
  • Crafts
  • Music
  • Apps (with links to iOs and Google Play)

Free Resources to Teach Fire Prevention (Including a Free App)

As an educator, I appreciate the convenience of the lesson plans and accompanying printables, including letters to parents.

As a parent, I also really like all the informative videos and the fun apps which gamify the content.

Fire Prevention Week

Using the Fire Prevention Week parent letter, my daughter and I went through our home to check our fire alarms. Whoops, we never thought to tell our kids about this! Of course, they know when those intermittent beeps sound and the batteries need changing but I was so glad this parent letter reminded me to teach them more. We talked about the importance of having a lot of  working fire alarms throughout the house. Which we do. Because we have a friend who is a firefighter and our housewarming gift was… you guessed it, a box of fire alarms! 🙂

Teachers, you’ll be glad to know that this parent letter is also available in Spanish!

Free Resources to Teach Fire Prevention (Including a Free App) and a parent Fire Prevention Week letter

The other lesson plans include cross-curricular topics. For example, the lesson that teaches what to do when you hear a smoke alarm go off isn’t only about that. It’s also about punctuation. Cool!

Fire Prevention Learning (Sparky) Apps

You’re not going to believe how many free apps that kids can download to support learning about fire prevention! Check these out.

Sparky’s Birthday Surprise
It’s Sparky’s birthday. Help him celebrate with a story and games. The interactive story has sounds and highlighted words as well as activities like decorating Sparky’s cake or spraying numbers with a hose.

The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms
Solve the mystery of the missing smoke alarms — it’s a story as well as a game.

Sparky's Fun House

Sparky’s Fun House
This app helps kids practice a home fire escape plan plus has three games that teach addition, spelling, and problem-solving. The spelling and math games also have accompanying lesson plans that are best for grades 1 – 2. How cool is that?

Sparky's Brain Busters app to teach kids fire safety

Sparky’s Brain Busters
Play a fun trivia game with your friends (or parents) to answer Sparky the Fire Dog’s questions about math, science, pop culture, and of course, fire safety. This is a good waiting-room activity. You’ll have a choice to play by yourself or with others as well as pick from three levels of difficulty.

Sparky’s Fire House
Simple but fun games help kids with fire safety as well as early math, reading, and literacy skills.

Sparky’s Match Game
Matching games are so popular with kids. This game helps kids ages 3 – 5 learn about smoke alarms and sounds.

Student Website

The website is meant just for kids. They’ll find games, videos, and activities, printables, and a sweet story about Sparky the Fire Dog.

Sparky the Fire Dog story

You know me, I love stories. “Sparky the Fire Dog” is about a little dalmatian puppy named Sparky who follows some kids home one day. When he smells smoke, he runs to the fire station where he sees the firefighters jump into their truck. He tries to keep up but arrives back at the house after the truck. Sparky learns that the kids are safe and he gets a new home at the fire station. Awwww — how sweet! activities for kids (Free Resources to Teach Fire Prevention)

And there’s no lacking of activities — from Mad Libs to hidden picture puzzles to coloring pages, you’ll find 51 activities from which to choose. Wowza.

What do you think? Go to Sparky’s Schoolhouse to get started today!

2018 Fire Prevention Week Resources for Parents and Teachers

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