My New Favorite Way to Keep ‘Em Reading: Playaways

Playaways are, dare I say, one of God’s gift to parents.



Last week, we found Playaways at the library and I didn’t hear a peep out of my kids for two hours! I actually read my own book. (And fell asleep on the couch.) Luxurious.

But, I am not a slacker mama. Really!  Because Playaways are audio books in a cute little box, accessible with headphones. They’re like an iPod with one book on it. Here’s a picture.


Kid-sized headphones with volume control are a must for playaways.  You can get them on Amazon if you’re an internet shopper like me.  Here’s my daughter listening to Island of the Blue Dolphins.


Here’s me doing a happy dance.


Okay, it’s not me but it does express my love of the playaway.

Any of you already fans?

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