My New Favorite Way to Keep ‘Em Reading: Playaways

Playaways are, dare I say, one of God’s gift to parents.



Last week, we found Playaways at the library and I didn’t hear a peep out of my kids for two hours! I actually read my own book. (And fell asleep on the couch.) Luxurious.

But, I am not a slacker mama. Really!  Because Playaways are audio books in a cute little box, accessible with headphones. They’re like an iPod with one book on it. Here’s a picture.


Kid-sized headphones with volume control are a must for playaways.  You can get them on Amazon if you’re an internet shopper like me.  Here’s my daughter listening to Island of the Blue Dolphins.


Here’s me doing a happy dance.


Okay, it’s not me but it does express my love of the playaway.

Any of you already fans?

Want more ways to get your kids reading?

–> Buy Book Love: Help Your Child Grown from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader.

–> Read Audio Books Count as Reading.



  1. says

    I’ve never heard of these, and they look wonderful! It turns out that summer is noisy at my house, so I’m off to learn more about these magical quiet-makers! I’m thinking they would be nice for “big” boys when the baby is napping. Thanks!

  2. Maryellen says

    We commute about 40 min. to an from school and I tried everything with my reluctant reader– and we started listening together to cd’s in the car while she followed along in her book. We buy and resell on ebay.


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