Child-like Lottie Dolls Empower Imaginative Play

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Affiliate Links If you’re wanting an alternative to Barbie or Bratz, look no further than the cute, little 7.5″ Lottie dolls because Lottie dolls are made to look like 9-year old children. None have questionable clothes or mature figures anywhere! (LOVE it!) My daughters love their Lottie dolls. Maybe that’s why Lottie has won 21 international awards since launching in August 2012.

These sweet dolls encourage imaginative play but also challenge negative body image concerns and premature sexualization.

My kids love to switch clothing and accessories — isn’t that always how it goes!?

Plus, the size is perfect. It’s easy to take Lottie dolls along in a bag or purse.

Lottie dolls look like the kids that play with them

Each doll has a diverse personality just like children that play with them. The Lottie dolls have mini-story sets on the packing to stimulate imaginative play, as well as supplementary online content and competitions to further engage children in to wider thought-processes surrounding their toys. For example, the Fossil Hunter doll comes with three fossil hunting tools, four ammonite fossils, collector cards, and a backpack. So cool!

Some of the newest Lottie dolls include:

review of Lottie dolls 2015

1. Rockabilly
2. Stargazer
3. Muddy Puddles
4. Fossil Hunter
5. Pony Club

You may notice that Lottie dolls do not wear make-up, jewelry, or high heels. Isn’t that interesting? So very kiddish. For kids. I’m into it.

Since these dolls don’t have high heels, my kids love that they can stand up! Their current favorites are the dolls below: School Days, Autumn Leaves, and Butterfly Protector.

Empower Imaginative Play with Child-like Lottie Dolls

I looked up all the dolls and found that Lottie dolls offer dolls of color: Branksea Festival and Kawaii Karate. I’d love to see more diversity in the future. My kids prefer it, also.

Visit the Lottie website for a large selection of downloadable biographies about women, fun printables, and activities including science experiments, word searches, and coloring pages.

Empower Imaginative Play with Child-like Lottie Dolls: Lottie Dolls 2015

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