Guess The Mess! Game Review

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Affiliate Links Guess the Mess! is a new thinking game for kids that requires deductive reasoning skills — in a fascinating, fun way.

Guess The Mess! Game Review

Guess This Mess! Fun family game of deductive reasoning

Players choose a location or setting for their mess. For example: beach, crime scene, school bus, or parade.

When the timer is turned, all players must sort through the picture cards in the middle to find pictures that give clues to their locations.

Look at the three picture card clues in the photo below. (Oh, and your goals is to get as many pictures as you can in the allotted time so there isn’t a limit.) Can an you tell which location I have of the four choices?

Guess This Mess example of clues

If you said crime scene, you’d be right!

Players earn points for having good clues since each player passes their picture clues to a different player. IF that player can guess your location, you both earn points!

Guess This Mess Family Thinking Game

The real locations are mixed in with fake locations up to ten total.

Guess This Mess Locations

We thought Guess The Mess! was entertaining for family game night — and even a bit hard depending on what location you were trying to get.

Would your kids enjoy this thinking game?

The suggested age is for ten and up but I think even younger kids could play this game just fine.

Guess This Mess Game Review

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