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Need some fun activity book ideas to keep your kids busy and learning? Here’s what’s new!

New Workbooks and Activity Books for Summer 2020

The Magical Underwater Activity Book
by Mia Undersood
These Button Books activity books are Pura Vida Mom’s kids’ FAVORITES. Read facts about the world of real and magical plants and animals under the sea. You’ll also get the chance to color, make crafts, solve puzzles, draw, sticker, and write. Learn about mermaids, pollution, sharks, and more. This is a fantastic option for your children ages 7+. Also try: Secret Woodland Activity Book.

Roman Adventure Activity Book
illustrated by Jen Alliston
Mazes, word searches, puzzles, jokes, dot to dots, drawing, crafts, and sticker activities introduce children to life in ancient Rome. A fun educational activity book for ages 7 to 12!

Sunshine and Sprinkles Make Your Own Pop-Up Book
by Ralph Cosentino
Color in the pages first. Then punch out the kitties provided and tape or glue them in the pages. My testers, Pura Vida Mom‘s kids, LOVED this activity book so much.

Peel & Discover: SPACE
Learn space facts about the planets, astronauts, asteroids, and constellations and use your stickers to fill in the illustrations. Also read: Peel & Discover: CARS! TRUCKS! TRAINS! AND MORE.

Paint by Sticker: Dogs

Use the mosaic of stickers to complete 12 8.5 x 11 dog portraits. From a pug to a poodle, create sticker masterpieces of your favorite breeds.

Summer Brain Quest Workbooks

TinkerActive: Kindergarten Math Workbook

The Kindergarten workbook is meant for ages 5 – 6 but there’s a lot of text so I think it’s more appropriate for ages 6 – 7. Perforated pages, illustrations are in full color, and each chapter includes activities in tinkering, making, engineering projects, science, english, and math. It includes stickers and answers in the back. That being said, it was NOT a hit with Pura Vida Mom’s rising 1st grader AT ALL.

TinkerActive: Kindergarten Science Workbook

Pretty much the same as the above but with more science than math — this workbook can provide structure to your long summer days.

MORE TinkerActive Workbooks:

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Love, Dad and Me: A Father & Daughter Keepsake Journal
by Katie Clemons
Use this keepsake journal to connect and bond with your daughter. Finish the writing and drawing prompts and fill in the blanks. You’ll get the chance to share stories, ask questions, make plans, write memories, and more. Also try: Between Dad and Me: A Father & Son Keepsake Journal by Katie Clemons.

Just Between Us Mother and Son
by Meredith & Jules Jacobs
Designed for mothers and sons to get to know each other better, this journal is filled with prompts, fill-in-the blanks, and lined pages.

Secret Message Origami
illustrated by Jane Cide
Fold it, write it, scramble it, disguise it, and share it. Learn how to fold secret messages using the colorful pastel papers provided with cartoon illustrations that only will be seen if you fold the paper correctly.

Around the World A Can You Find It Book
by Sarah L. Schuette
Similar to other books, search in the photographs to find the hidden objects.

Build-a-Story Cards Space Quest

Use these cards for over 30 games for ages 3 – 10 as well as ideas for space stories including ships, aliens, and more. Great for problem-solving, creativity, and storytelling. Includes 12 character cards, 12 setting cards, and 12 object cards. Grab these for a fun, creative activity in the car, outside, inside, anytime.

Folding Paper Airplanes with STEM for Beginners to Experts
by Marie Buckingham
Step by step visual and written directions plus flying tips make these projects easy to make. Each project gives readers STEM information such as information about streamlined, how wind affects airplanes, and drag.

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