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You know how great audiobooks are for kids, especially reluctant readers. Now I want to tell you the absolute best audiobook stories that my kids, actually the whole family, enjoys both in the car and at home — Greathall.

My Favorite Audio Books for Kids from Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss’ storytelling is so engaging. He’s gifted, and so brilliant with voices. Throughout the narration, he uses a multitude of engaging voices for each character, including the narrators. His pacing is perfect. Honestly, listening to these is mesmerizing.

The Greathall website organizes the stories by age group. This is important to me and I agree with their breakdown of what’s appropriate for each age.

Our favorites? Well, everything we’ve listened to are favorites. Isn’t that crazy?! They’re that good. Here’s what we love so far:

Our Favorite Audio Stories So Far

Good Nightaudio books for kids
6 vignettes that take the listener into scenes that bring about feelings of safety and love.

King Arthur and His Knights
Brings King Arthur and his Knights to life with action and grandeur, at a level which children can really grasp. LOVE!! (We’ve listened to this multiple times!)

Sherlock Holmes for Children
Brings the world of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to life for children. WOW – we literally couldn’t get out of the car for school one day because we had to see what would happen.
CDs We Want to Order

Here’s our list for what to try next.

Sweet Dreams
Listeners of all ages can drift into Sweet Dreams with these remarkably restful visualizations.

Treasure Island
Pirates. Buried treasure. Loyal friends and treacherous villains.

Rip Van Winkle / Gulliver’s Travels
Three classics in one! The sly humor of Rip van Winkle, Gulliver’s adventures among the tiny Lilliputians, and the wisdom of a Jewish folk tale

The Three Musketeers / Robin Hood
Violence is downplayed and the characters in the two swashbuckling stories are portrayed as humans with thoughts and feelings.

But, there are so many more selections. I think you’ll find great options for your listening library. (And, no, I am not getting paid to say this!) Go to the Greathall website to see them all.


mesmerizing storytelling for the whole family from Greathall


Good Audiobooks for Teens

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  1. We discovered him and his CD’s when we lived in Virginia. Wyat listens to the Prince and Pauper almost every night before bed (it helps him calm his mind and transition to sleep). He can practically recite the entire story! We also like American Tall Tales.