DIY Miniature Blank Books for Matchboxes

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Miniature fascinates my children — I think most children. Which is why we were inspired by the picture book, The Matchbox Diary, to make miniature blank books for writing and drawing.

Paul Fleishman’s gorgeous new picture book, Matchbox Diary, shares the history of an Italian grandfather who shares his immigration story with a grandchild, all of which was stored in tiny matchboxes in a cigar box. He couldn’t read or write before he came to America so this was his way to remember his life.

DIY Miniature Books

Flip Book

Trace around the matchbox to create a template. Cut out rectangles, just a smidgen smaller than the traced template. Stack one on top of the other. Staple.

Paper Clip Book

Cut out rectangles with above template technique. Use a small hole punch to punch a hole through the side, on the short ends. Thread a paper clip through the hole.

Miniature Scroll

Using your small rectangular pieces of paper, roll each up into a scroll. Tie with a twisty tie.

Accordion Book

Trace around the matchbox on your paper. Extend the long lines into a strip and cut just inside of the lines. Fold the edge of the strip of paper to the traced line of the box. Continue folding under and over in a zig-zag fashion.

You don’t need matchboxes but they make such cozy containers for your new blank books. I ordered plain white matchboxes from Etsy where you can also find cigar boxes.

Of course, these little books would be perfect for pretend play with dolls or other small play things, too.

Mostly, I hope they inspire your children to write and imagine like they did with mine. Have fun!

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  1. I have just ordered the book and can’t wait to give your ideas a go.