5 Mischievous Leprechaun Science Experiments for Kids

St. Patrick's day science

Yes, there are leprechauns about on St. Patrick's Day. And, they're up to mischievous science experiments for kids. Last week at the Steve Spangler Laboratory, I learned all about those tricky leprechaun experiments for St. Patrick's Day using the Steve Spangler Leprechaun Science Kit. You're going to love these! (Don't forget to tell your kids the leprechaun story … [Read more...]

Get Kids Excited about Science and Math with New Apps

math and science apps for kids

Let's get our kids excited about math and science learning using technology! How about taking some of these apps for a whirl. See how your kids respond. Toca Lab Another addictive Toca app, this one about science and the periodic table of elements. Use the lab equipment to create, play and experiment with each of the 118 element (that are cute little monster-looking … [Read more...]

Learning to Program Empowers Kids (and It’s Easier Than You Think!)

program with Scratch

Remember how great MaKey MaKey was for confidence & innovative thinking? MaKey MaKey gave us the idea to program our own game using Scratch. Scratch is a website from MIT specifically for kids. Kids can program stories, games, and animation. And, it's so much easier than you might think! Watch a Scratch Tutorial It's frustrating to try to figure out Scratch without … [Read more...]

How to Empower Inventive Thinking in Kids

Makey Makey  featured image

Lately my sweet 8-year old's been saying a lot of, "It's too hard" and "I can't do it." When homework gets tricky, she gets mad. She starts to cry. She wants to give up. (Sometimes my 11-year old does this, too.) (Sometimes I do, too.) It happens when our kids (or us) feel there's pressure to be perfect. Even if we don't emphasize this in our parenting, and I know I … [Read more...]

Irresistible Book Series for Kids

book series that kids will love

To become a reader, your child needs that one story that makes him or her fall in love with reading. That story that transports; one that he can't put down. But, finding that story can be hard. So, let me help you with some favorite books in a series you may not know about. ALL of these books are series that I've read and highly recommend. See if one will be that perfect … [Read more...]

A Parenting Masterclass: Tweens

Parenting Masterclass

Last week I scared myself. My parenting skills with my tween, who I was helping with homework, deteriorated into yelling. I didn't want to yell. I don't normally yell. What happened? And, more importantly, what can I do differently in the future? Well, after I apologized to her, I started where I usually start -- with recommended books. This time is was How to Hug a … [Read more...]

Celebrate the 100th Day of School


Celebrate the 100th Day of School What better way to celebrate the 100th day of school than with activities all about the number 100? Below are fun ways the whole family can get together and commemorate the 100th day of learning this year! Count to 100 by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. String together 100 paper clips Make a paper chain with 100 links Make cookies with 100 … [Read more...]

Get Help with IEPs, LD, Bullying, and More

LD toolkits and ebooks

Do you know about the National Center for Learning Disabilities? It's a fantastic site -- with a ton of free materials that you can easily download and use today. Parent Toolkit: IEP Basics for Parents of Students with LD Parent Toolkit: Dyslexia Toolkit School Toolkit: The Truth About Bullying E-Book: IEP Meeting Planner E-Book: Executive Function Around the … [Read more...]