Decluttering Rules for Happiness #donatestuffcreatejobs

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Sponsored Post paid for by Goodwill  I've been feeling jangly. My house is cluttered and unorganized. Some of it has been due to my Epstein-Barr virus --only have so much energy force me to prioritize my time. Family & work come before cleaning. But it's time. 'Cause of the jangliness. And I'm starting to feel much better from the EBV! My friend, Lori, … [Read more...]

Hot Off the Presses Chapter Books

A little cute kid and large number of books

I loved all of these books - from detectives to manicurists, fantasy to mystery - and I think you'll find something new and exciting for your child to read. :) Sparkle Spa: Purple Nails and Puppy Tails by Jill Santopolo (ages 7 - 10) Surprisingly, I thought this was a delightful new series. Sisters, Aly and Brooke, start their own nail business in the back room of their … [Read more...]

Host a Book Wars Party

book wars

Make reading social by reading with your friends this spring. Host a book club where each person picks what to read-- then have a BOOK WARS party. Which book will win? (dunt-dunt-dah) Hosting a Book Wars Party 1.  Decide who to invite. (Group by interest, age or gender.) 2.  Select the first book, date, time and location. For this Book Wars meeting, each child picks a book … [Read more...]

9 Essentials to Creating an Enticing Book Nook #PointsforPassions

DIY Book Nook

You don't need to break the bank to pursue your passions. I actually find that the bigger hurdle is finding more time! One thing I do is use a generally untapped resource – my American Express Membership Rewards® points – to help me get merchandise to help me pursue my passions. Amex wants to encourage you to do the same and makes it easy through their ShopAmex site... As … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Bracelet

March 14, Albert Einstein's birthday, also marks the world-wide celebration of the number Pi π. Why? 3-14 is how we write March 14 in the States. 3.14 is Pi! So cool, right? (If you need a quick refresher, to get the area of a circle, measure the circle's radius, square it, and multiply it by Pi. Area = π x r2 ) Pi is an irrational number. It's digits … [Read more...]

5 Mischievous Leprechaun Science Experiments for Kids

St. Patrick's day science

Yes, there are leprechauns about on St. Patrick's Day. And, they're up to mischievous science experiments for kids. Last week at the Steve Spangler Laboratory, I learned all about those tricky leprechaun experiments for St. Patrick's Day using the Steve Spangler Leprechaun Science Kit. You're going to love these! (Don't forget to tell your kids the leprechaun story … [Read more...]

Get Kids Excited about Science and Math with New Apps

math and science apps for kids

Let's get our kids excited about math and science learning using technology! How about taking some of these apps for a whirl. See how your kids respond. Toca Lab Another addictive Toca app, this one about science and the periodic table of elements. Use the lab equipment to create, play and experiment with each of the 118 element (that are cute little monster-looking … [Read more...]