8 Ways to Encourge Your Child’s Dreamer Traits

activities to enourage creativity and dreaming

My 10-year old daughter, Jemma, is a creative dreamer with artist traits.  Like the Lady Gaga song says, she was born this way, but I also intentionally provide a rich environment for her dreamer traits to flourish and thrive. Here are the specific ways I encourage my child's dreamer traits to sparkle into a brilliance all her own that you can do with your own children, … [Read more...]

Hottest Toy of the Season: Playmation! Avengers

Playmation! Avengers Review

Playmation! Avengers Starter Pack is a totally unique, awesomely fun wearable hybrid toy -- a video game/live-action combination from Disney. It'll be the hottest toy of the upcoming 2015 holiday season. Check out the Toys“R”Us ad or in-store special for exciting offers on Duracell batteries. And if you ask my kids, Playmation! Avengers is super fun to play because you are … [Read more...]

Celebrate Big Imaginations in Picture Books!

picture books that celebrate a child's imagination

Books in themselves encourage our imaginations, don't they!? Today let's celebrate big imaginations and wild musings with beautiful new picture books. This list of picture books celebrates dreamers and possibilitarians. I hope they inspire you and your children! Of course there are many more books that the ones listed below. These are the most recently published. Do you have … [Read more...]

A Menagerie of Picture Books

picture books with animal characters

Bears, cats, penguins, and mice dominate this menagerie of picture books. All these newly published books feature an abundance of enchanting animal characters and lively stores. Enjoy!  A Menagerie of Picture Books The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton We loved this hilarious story of a warrior princess whose parents get her a kazillion cute sweaters -- which warriors … [Read more...]

What Is Sensory Processing Disorder? Sensory Processing 101

sensory processing book for parents

What is sensory processing disorder? It took months of occupational therapy with Children's Hospital Colorado and a ton of research on my own to understand my daughter's sensory processing disorder. But now days, there is SO MUCH more to help parents with SPD. In fact, there's a new book called Sensory Processing 101 about sensory processing by Dayna Abraham, Claire Heffron, … [Read more...]

New Monster and Halloween Books Fall 2015

Halloween and monster books for kids

Celebrate Halloween by reading good monster and Halloween books with your children. New Monster and Halloween Books Spookie Pookie by Sandra Boynton Don't you just love Sandra Boynton board books? My kids ADORED her writing and illustrations when they were littler. This cute Halloween book shows how Pookie makes a decision about what to wear as a Halloween costume. You'll … [Read more...]

The Best Educational Games for Preschoolers

educational games for preschool age kids

Our game closet is overflowing. We play a LOT of games. We always have. Now that my kids are growing older, I am weeding out our educational games for preschoolers (kids ages 3, 4, and 5.) But before I do, here is a list of our favorite preschool games. These are the games we played over and over --and the games that helped my kids practice and learn important skills. What's … [Read more...]

8 New Awe Worthy Board Books

board books

What is a board book? It's a book sturdy enough for babies and toddlers to grab, chew, and read printed on thick paperboard. Board books make the BEST gifts for a baby shower or birthday or just-because. Children hear and learn new words, learn to appreciate the pictures and stories, and learn how we read a book front to back, right to left. Recently I read Malcolm … [Read more...]

Classroom Strategies for Sensory Processing Disorder

helping children with sensory issues in the classroom

Despite the DSM's (poor) decision last year not to recognize Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) as a disorder, SPD exists. And it affects many of our children, one of mine included. Fortunately, in the classroom, more teachers are becoming aware of SPD and the unique needs of children who have it. So what are helpful classroom strategies teachers are using for students with SPD … [Read more...]

8 Stellar Picture Book Biographies

nonfiction picture book biographies

I'm excited to share with you 8 recently published picture book biographies for your classroom (Common Core, anyone?) and for your home. These biographies pair first-rate writing with artwork with outstanding illustrations to engage and inform your children. Enjoy! 8 Picture Book Biographies Marvelous Cornelius Hurricane Katrina and the Spirit of New Orleans by Phil … [Read more...]