30+ Addition and Subtraction Apps

addition apps for kids

Download these addition apps and subtraction apps for your kids to learn and practice their math facts! I've found over 30 for you to check out -- many of which are free. 30+ Addition Apps and Subtraction Apps More or Less FREE Don't miss this app -- it's visually clean and beautiful and provides EXCELLENT visuals to correspond to the numbers! Love it. playMath … [Read more...]

Favorite Cookbooks My Kids Actually Use

best cookbooks for kids

About 5:30 in the evening I start imagining a fairy god-cook who whisks in and whips up a healthy meal. Since that's NOT happening, I figured I better keep working on my kid's cooking skills. Thus, I must find cookbooks my kids will actually like and use. They already pack their own lunches and can make breakfast, pasta, frozen pizza, and hot dogs. But their idea of cooking … [Read more...]

Emotional Intelligence Activity for Kids: Pooh Sticks

emotional intelligence activity for kids - pooh sticks

As you know, we're talking a lot about emotional intelligence and mindfulness this summer. Emotional awareness is the first step to being mindful, in order to develop emotional intelligence, or EQ. To begin, you must observe your emotions without judgement. I've found an emotional intelligence activity for kids that will give them a visual representation of how the emotions … [Read more...]

How Does a Picture Book Artist Balance Working and Being a Mom?

work parenting balance

Ever wonder how a picture book artist balances working and being a mom? (In a small house?) (With small people?) Want to see? Hannah E. Harrison, picture book author and artist, shows us a day in the life. Watch. WOW, right? Can you relate to Hannah's dance of working and parenting?  Hannah’s new book, Bernice Gets Carried Away, tells the story of an adorably … [Read more...]

Geology for Kids

geology for kids

Melissa Weisner's son wanted a geology birthday party. So, like the smart entrepreneurial mom she is, she invented Rock On! A Geology Game & Rock Collection. And we're glad she did -- it's a fun, easy way to teach geology for kids! My kids LOVE it -- we play it often all together as a family. So, not only is it a learning game, it's a great family game! Geology for … [Read more...]

6 Reasons You’ll Love Kids Zone #KS #ad

x1 xfinity kids zone review

Parents, if you're a Comcast customer, I have good news for you! You will now find The kids zone on the X1 operating system by XFINITY! Kids and parents can use the X1 system to easily access kids zone. kids zone brought to you by XFINITY offers over 6,500 Common Sense Media pre-approved kids shows, movies, and more. That means parents and kids can be assured of safe, … [Read more...]

Harry Potter Potions Class Experiments

Fun harry potter potions

If you have a Harry Potter enthusiast in your house, you'll want to try your own Harry Potter Potions Class and Experiments, either for a birthday party or just for fun. I'm thrilled to be joining Rae Gun's annual Harry Potter blog hop. Go here to see all the posts about Harry Potter from bloggers around the web. SCROLL DOWN FOR AN AMAZING HARRY POTTER GIVEAWAY!! Harry … [Read more...]

Emotional Intelligence Activities for Kids

Activities for Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Kids

Because it's an assignment from school, I've been reading aloud Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves to my 13- year old daughter. It's been exactly what she needs. It's helping her label not just the emotions that are floating around her adolescent brain, but is providing strategies to improve both her emotional self-awareness and emotional … [Read more...]

Writing Workbooks for Kids

Education.com Creative Writing Workbook

How are your kids doing this summer with writing? If you want to sneak in a little writing each day, try the Education.com writing workbooks. We haven't tried these, my kids are doing other writing activities (see this list of ideas for writing) but if your kids enjoy prompts and workbooks, you might consider these options. The workbooks are written by teachers and only … [Read more...]