David Wiesner’s New Wonderlandish App Spot

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Three time Caldecott medalist David Wiesner‘s newest creation, an app called Spot, is an app for kids unlike any other. It’s neither a book nor a game but something more Wonderlandish — it’s a fanciful narrative full of creative possibilities. Discover worlds with worlds — dive into the spot on a cookie and discover ants at a picnic, zoom into a cursive letter and find yourself at a cat parade — each world is a story in itself.

The art is spectacular – but what else would you expect from Wisener?!

(And speaking of all things Wiesner, scroll to the bottom for a sweepstakes of BOOKS & a Spot TOTE!)

David Wiesner’s New App: Spot

Pinch, zoom in, and explore.

Five large worlds contain these smaller worlds. Prepare to be blown away with Wiesner’s creativity!

Lower Rügg, a tiny world beneath an armchair
David Wiesner's New App Spot

Mekanikos, a world of robots
David Wiesner's New App Spot

Oceana Prime, an underwater world
David Wiesner's New Wonderlandish App Spot

Katzaluna, a world of cats
David Wiesner's New App Spot

An intergalactic space station
David Wiesner's New App Spot

But there’s so much within each world — Spot is truly an imaginative playground for curious kids.

Learning with David Wiesner’s Spot App

Download the free educator’s guide here.

Example prompts in the educator’s guide include:

  • Point of View. Instruct students to find the dog on the leash in cat world. Use this scene to discuss point of view. What’s the story here? How did a dog find his or her way into cat world? Is the dog plotting escape?
  • Travel Brochure. Spot travel is a common theme throughout the app. Ask students to create a travel brochure for one of the five worlds. Include the main attractions in each world, reasons why tourists might want to visit, and a drawing that will entice people to visit.

Download the free parent’s guide here.

Example prompts in the parent’s guide:

  • Sea Sandwiches. In the underwater world an alien is making a jellyfish sandwich. Ask your child to create a menu for Spot. What food is eaten in each world? Perhaps jellyfish sandwiches are eaten in underwater world, and nuts-and-bolts soup is served in robot world. What do these foods look like?
  • New World. Have your child draw, sketch, or paint a world he or she would like to see added to the app. Ask your child why he or she made the choices that he or she did. Ask your child: Who might live in the world? Who might visit the world?

Spot in the App Store

Spot is $6.99 in the app store. It’s always hard for me to spend so much money on apps. But it’s such a stimulating game for the imagination, and there is a lot to explore! Here’s my daughter playing on the app — I think it helps to watch how the app works so you can get a sense of the worlds of wonder.


Three winners will win: 1 Spot tote bag, 1 Spot Notebook, and 3 David Wiesner’s books: Art and Max, Flotsam, and Mr. Wuffles.

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David Wiesner's New App Spot

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  1. Hi Melissa – I hope you can answer my question. Must this app be used solely with iPad or will an iPhone with iOS9 be ok? I only have an iPhone – not an iPad. Is this app exclusively for iPad only?