Gravity Maze: a Marble Logic Game

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Affiliate Links We love Gravity Maze, a new 2014 brain game for kids from Think Fun, because it gets kids using logic and visual-spatial skills.

The goal of Gravity Maze is to figure out how to build a working marble run using the colored translucent plastic towers and a starting grid challenge. It’s meant for one person, or one person with a friend to help.

Gravity Maze Logic Game for Kids

Gravity Maze 2

1. Pick a Puzzle Card

The game comes with deck of 60 logic challenges with four levels of difficulty: easy, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Each card shows the TOP of the colored towers. Match up the tops to the card and snap onto the 4 x 4 grid. (Oh and my kids think that the easy cards are harder than advanced. For whatever it’s worth.)

2. Solve the Puzzle

Now is the tricky part where you’ll have to experiment and think hard. The goal is to get the marble run to work from the highest point to the lowest ending point.

Place the other towers into the grid. The towers have slots for marbles which are basically angled ramps. Some angle up, some down, some go straight through. Sometimes the towers go sideways and upside down. You really must think hard on these challenges to figure out how to solve the maze.

Put in a marble and see if your maze works.

Gravity Maze 1

Not only do my 9 and 12 year old love this game, so do our 6 and 8 year old friends. The game is intended for kids ages eight and up but I think it depends on the kid.

Gravity Maze is one of my top game gift picks for the 2014 holiday season.

Gravity Maze Holiday Gift Pick

If you like Think Fun games, you’ll for sure want to get this new thinking game, Gravity Maze.

Gravity Maze Think Fun 2014 Game

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