A Young Writer’s Alphabet, S is for Story

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You need S is for Story, A Writer’s Alphabet for your library.  It’s the perfect book to kick off your summer reading and writing plans!

This informative and engaging picture book illuminates words from a writer’s life from A to Z starting with Alphabet, explaining the history and Greek word alphabetos, ending with Z for Zorro who signed his name with his sword drawn lines, and finishes with P.S. for post scriptum.

Each double page has a beautiful illustration, one or sometimes two letter(s) of the alphabet, a short poem, a writer’s tip and a sidebar with information. For example:

“So N? It’s for Notebook,

a writer’s must for sure,

for catching, keeping,

any time,

thoughts, ideas, and more.”

The sidebar includes information about a writer’s notebook plus this Writer’s Tip: “Copy words, sentences, or poems you admire into your Writer’s Notebook, to reread, study, savor, and model.”

Download this activity guide from the publisher and this Young Author’s Extras from the author, Esther Hershenhorn, to give you book extension ideas.

WIN: Would you like to win a copy of S is for Story? Sleeping Bear Press is generously giving two Imagination Soup readers this book!  Allcomments below will be entered to win.  Contest ends July 12, 2010.

*Congratulations to Heidi and Christine!  Random.org picked you both as winners of S is for Story!


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  1. As a new librarian, I need to win this book to share with my students!
    Sleeping Bear Press publishes books written by some of my favorite authors — Mike and Debbie Shoulders, in particular — so I am sure S is for Story will become another of my favorites. B-)

  2. I love this book, as a writer myself I would have loved to have this as a child. My granddaughter is only 4 but I plan to get the book and begin to use it with her. Sounds wonderful… might use it for myself!