Coping with Another School Shooting

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I wrote about this (school shooting) before. I don’t want to write about it again! [#*U%!]

With Sandy Brook. I reminded us to put on our oxygen masks first so we would be able to help our children with their big feelings.

Do that.

Take care of yourself right now. Cry. Get it out. (Don’t wig out and scare your kids.)

I’m crying. My stomach hurts. I’m am sick.

You probably are, too.

When the Colorado movie theater shooting happened [s@#8!] I suggested these actions to help your kids deal with their big feelings:

Turn off the TV

Tell your kids that they are save.

Share feelings.


Draw or write about it.

Talk and hug.

Focus on the helpers. (Mr. Rogers talked about this!)

Tell the truth — in age-appropriate language. 


I didn’t want to write about this again.

Arapahoe High School is the high school my kids will go to. Our neighborhood school. Our sweet babysitter goes there.

Please join me in praying for those kids. And pray that this doesn’t keep happening. Pray for a better world.

I love you.

Hug your babies for me.

xo ~ Melissa

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  1. I didn’t realize you were in Littleton, I live in Gilbert, AZ now but grew up in Littleton, my best friend’s children will go to AHS too she bought her childhood home and is raising her own children in it. I hope America can work together to keep guns out of schools and out of the hands of children.