Fanciful Grammar App for Kids

Sleep Furiously grammar app for kids

Imagine your kids playing with grammar. And enjoying it. Unless you're a geeky English major like me, that probably isn't something you imagine. But I've discovered a grammar app for kids called Sleep Furiously that is goofy, funny, and 100% grammar geeky -- that my kids love. The name Sleep Furiously comes from the sentence linguist Noam Chomsky coined to demonstrate this … [Read more...]

Beginning Reader Apps

learning apps for beginning readers

Beginning readers need practice with strategies, phonics, and books at a just-right reading level. While I wouldn't say that the apps with provided books will teach your child to read in and of themselves, they will provide reading materials. But, others are active teaching and learning to read apps. So, here are a variety of apps for your beginning reader. Enjoy! Go here … [Read more...]

13 Sight Word Apps and 26 Alphabet and Phonics Apps

reading apps

Learning letters and letter sounds start a child's journey to reading words and these alphabet and phonics apps will help. Learning "sight words," or words to recognize at a glance, is another step. Download these sight word apps when your child is ready to learn these commonly used words. Click on the image or name of app to see or buy it in the Apple App store. Android … [Read more...]

40 Coding Classes, Websites, Games, and Apps for Kids

coding for kids

If you're looking for coding or pre-coding classes, games, toys, and apps, for your kids to learn to code, you'll find everything you need here. But first, let's define terms. Coding is learning a foreign language -- a machine foreign language. Just like any language, the ability to read and write it is a literacy of it's own. The biggest benefit of learning to code is … [Read more...]

Build Your Own 3D Toy with Potatoyz App

review of Potatoyz app and toy

I didn't think my kids would get to try 3D printing before me but it happened with POTATOYZ,  a brand new interactive app and toy created by the animators of The Lorax and Despicable Me. Children create and customize a toy in the app which can be sent to a 3D printer, made for real, and sent to your child. It's totally cool to see your imagination come to life! And, where else … [Read more...]

30+ Addition and Subtraction Apps

addition apps for kids

Download these addition apps and subtraction apps for your kids to learn and practice their math facts! I've found over 30 for you to check out -- many of which are free. 30+ Addition Apps and Subtraction Apps More or Less FREE Android Don't miss this app -- it's visually clean and beautiful and provides EXCELLENT visuals to correspond to the numbers! Love … [Read more...]

The BEST Java Programming Class Online for Kids

coding class for kids from Youth Digital

My 10-year old daughter loves Minecraft. Now she's learning how to program her own Minecraft server in Java thanks to Youth Digital's excellent Server Design Java Minecraft programming class online. I'm so so so blown away by how amazing this online class is, you guys!! And I'm not a newbie with this, either. I've taken online classes and taught online classes. Hands down, this … [Read more...]

UMIGO Free Math Website

free math website

UMiGO, short for "You Make It Go," is a free math website for first and second graders, kids ages 6 and 7. It's an inventive combination of video stories with games embedded within the narrative. UMiGO calls this "appisodes." The website provides lessons and practice in problem solving and early math skills such as: measurement, addition, skip counting, 2D shapes,and greater … [Read more...]

Review of Osmo Gaming System for iPad

Review of Osmo

Of all the Osmo Gaming System game apps, we loved Words best of all. (Go figure. I'm a writer, what can I say.) Osmo sees something physically on your table and instantaneously recognizes it on the screen. Choose from four apps about math, words, drawing, and invention. It's amazingly innovative and like that it provides the interactive experience parents want … [Read more...]

Impressive Beginning Reader App

tiggly letters

Beginning Reader App for Kids I'm so impressed with Tiggly's new interactive beginning reader app for kids, Tiggly Tales! You combine actual physical letters called Tiggly Words with one of the apps, either Tiggly Tales, Tiggly Doctor, or Tiggly Submarine and children ages 4 - 8 can construct words and solve problems. The Tiggly Words set consists of the five vowels: a, e, … [Read more...]