Q-Ba-Maze = Amazing Building and Marble Play

Did you see the New York Times article about the math and language benefits of block play? It made me think of my new favorite building toy, Q-Ba-Maze 2.0, which is more than just blocks – it’s also a marble maze. One of my favorite companies, MindWare, brainy toys for kids of all ages, sent it to me to review.



The clear and colored interlocking cubes attach top to bottom and side to side. Steel balls run downward with gravitational pull at the speed of your design. We’ve been experimenting what cube arrangement is fastest.

How about this arrangement straight up and down?


Or this one with some side to side action?


Maybe this one?


It’s big fun and we’re learning about gravity and velocity at the same time. I highly recommend this as a fantastic learning toy and gift for the holidays! (For kids three and older since there are small metallic balls.)


CONGRATS to  Alida! You won!!

Lucky for us, MindWare is offering Imagination Soup readers the chance to win a Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Big Box valued at $39.95. To enter for a chance to win this random drawing, leave a comment below by November 30, 2011, midnight MST. By entering this sweepstakes, you agree to Imagination Soup’s official sweepstake rules. No purchase necessary. Open to individuals in U.S. only, 18 years of age or older, void where prohibited.

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  • http://www.theresabook.com Danielle

    Wow! These are fantastic! I think my son would absolutely love them. Great review & giveaway! Thank you!

  • Jenny

    I love these and so would my son! Joey turns four on the 20th of December and I know these would be an excellent birthday and/or Christmas present!

  • Mandi

    These look like a lot of fun!

  • Esty

    These look really neat! My son loves marbles, and we could use them on the light pannel for extra sensory!

  • http://momandkiddo.blogspot.com Mom and Kiddo

    My boys would LOVE this! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  • melissa ensign

    This looks like yet ANOTHER great learning activity for kids from Mindware, our favorite Christmas list store! I love Mindware because they tap into my kids imagination :).

  • Leslie

    This looks amazing and more stable than the marble run we have. Great for my 7 and 4 year olds to play together. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • http://www.mymommyreads.blogspot.com Lyssa

    This looks like a must have! We love marbles around here!

  • Pragmaticmom

    My son would love this. Thanks for the great review and opportunity to win.

  • Cathy R

    My son was marble run on his short Santa list!!

  • Kris

    My girls would love this!

  • Lisha

    My kids would flip over these. A great alternative to all the electronics in our house.

  • bonnie hacker

    As a big fan of both blocks and marble runs, what a great idea. My 4 yo grandson would love these.

  • karen Medlin

    What a fun way for the kids to get creative.. Thank You

  • Kirstine

    This is such a great idea. My son loves building things.

  • Darlene Schubert

    What a neat toy. Love how you are able to build it anyway you want and use your imagination.

  • Amy H

    My boys would LOVE these!!

  • http://aspergerninja.blogspot.com Amy Sheridan

    As avid builders of incredible creations which defy gravity and convention, I think this would be a delightful and stupendous gift! We are nuts for marbles, physics and gravity. I tell my son that building things helps build his brain. He’s very fond of that! Thanks for posting this item! Cheers!

  • Jaimie

    That looks a-MAZE-ing! My three kiddos would love to play with this!

  • http://naturalmaimy.blogspot.com amy

    My kids are so into marbles right now! So fun:)

  • Suzanne Boisseau

    My nanny kids would love these!!! Looks like lots of fun :)

  • samantha

    Ashlynn is such a little architect she would love these

  • http://gwynridenhour.wordpress.com Gwyn Ridenhour

    We just played with this game at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair! It’s a fabulous set – my kids were entranced for more than a half an hour, and that’s in the middle of an exhibition hall with dozens and dozens of other competing toy venders. I love MindWare products – they’re pretty fantastic.

  • Suzanne

    I love the various possibilities for exploration available using this Mind Ware Toy. This is not just a fun activity but kids spacial perception is expanded –it’s all good.

  • Jackie

    Thanks for sharing information on this amazing product. This would be great for my classroom or my grandchildren!

  • Erin

    Thanks for sharing this. I would love it for my son and daughter. My neighbor had a wooden marble toy when I was a kid that I loved.

  • Christen

    WOW!!! Love this…and LOVE the fact that it uses brain power. Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  • Patricia E

    That looks like an awesome product. My kids would enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Triffany

    VERY cool!!

  • T. Beard

    What a neat way to learn physics! Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Kay

    My family and I would really enjoy playing with this!

  • Candy

    What a great learning activity for the grandkids! This Grandma would LOVE one!!

  • Dawn S.

    My son would love this! He has something similar at his preschool and it’s always the first toy he goes to in the morning.

  • http://two2read.com Alida Bunder

    I have been following all your gift recommendations. This one looks fantastic. I would love to have it for my 7 year old grandson.

  • Maria G

    My daughter would LOVE this–thanks for sharing it with us!

  • renee

    Forget the kids, I would love this ;))

  • Hannah O

    Wow this is exactly what I have been looking for. My daughter would have so much fun with this.

  • Shelley

    This is on our wish list, but Nana picked other things to give instead. Would love to win it.

  • Megan

    This would be a fantastic Christmas gift for my son. Thanks for the review and chance to win!

  • Ocjenandjay

    My 5 year old has been wanting a marble maze toy forever. I just can’t decide which one.

    • Connie

      I would love this toy for my daycare.

  • Laurie Rodriguez

    What a wonderful twist on the classic marble works game we already love! I will have to look onto getting some for my kinder kids at school and for my builder boy at home!

  • Tara

    These look awesome! My kids would have hours of fun. Thanks.

  • Sarah Kochert

    Thank you so much for your lists and reviews. Have added many of them to my daughters Christmas lists.

  • Tami H

    What a great toy! My boys would love this! Thanks!

  • http://mamasmiles.com maryanne @ mama smiles

    My kids would love this! Honestly, so would I!

  • Amy Gilson

    Love the new blog (new to me)! Can’t wait to dive in and read more. The marble blocks look perfect for my son. Thanks!

  • Jen

    Looks like a fun toy!!

  • MM

    We have a simple marble run that my kids (4 and 7) have used over and over again since we got it 3 years ago. I love toys like this that are simple yet have such longevity. I’d love to add this to our set!

  • Hallie Doyle

    I know some kiddos (and adults) who would have fun building with this kit!

  • Nicholle

    This would make for a great educational toy in the classroom!

  • Heather R

    This would be a fun and creative activity for my daughter and her cousin! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Iris

    thanks so much for a chance at the MindWare Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Big Box…!! building and stacking are always a big fave around here and now marbles have become a fascination as well… how cool to have an excellent toy to combine the fun of the two.

  • Ashley c

    My girls would love this! They are math and science girls! I would love to win!

  • Jean-Marie

    What I love about Q-Ba-Maze is that it it isn’t too complex to inhibit creativity. It looks easy enough for my 4 year old to use alone. You can’t say that about many marble mazes. Marble mazes are magical but the littles sometimes get frustrated by the complexity of them. We would have lots of fun with this set!

  • Brandy Lane

    My four kids would love this!!! We aren’t able to afford gifts for Christmas this year, so it would be really great to win this! My son has a processing disorder, and these blocks would be perfect for him since he has to work things with his hands, eyes and ears to understand them! This is awesome! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Betsy

    That toy looks like so much fun!!

  • Jaime

    Hope we aren’t too late to enter! I just saw the promotion. Looks like a cool game! :)

  • http://teacher.web Jackie

    My nephew is highly gifted and very imaginative. He love to build, play chess, and make things out of anything he can find. This game will be something new for him to explore, especially because it moves! It is a great game for any child to encourage problem solving and critical thinking skills.

    I love that it is colorful and has many facets and ways to manipulate it. It will be an amazing gift for my nephew this year, from his favorite teacher/aunt!

  • nicole

    I like their quirkle game.