7 New Dog Picture Books

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From a homeless dog looking for a home to the passing of a beloved pet, spring 2018 brings seven special picture books about dogs.

See my BIG list of children’s favorite books about dogs.

New Dog Picture Books

7 New Dog Picture Books
Can I Be Your Dog?
by Troy Cummings
Arfy wants a forever home. So he sends letters to “The People at Yellow House” and “Butcher Lady”  and “Fire Station No. 5” and many others detailing his many fine qualities. For example, he can fetch boots, he can keep the floor clean, he’s potty trained, and will bark if people steal stuff. But no one wants him. He’s lonely, discouraged, and sad. Until he gets a surprising letter from the mail carrier who wants to be his person!! YAY!!! Written in letter format, this is a sweet story that teachers can use to model both letter writing and persuasive writing.

7 New Dog Picture Books
Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship
by Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes, illustrated by Scott Magoon
Based on Jessica’s real-life situation when she was an adult, read how after her leg was amputated, she connected to a service dog named Rescue. It’s important for kids to understand the work that service dogs do. I’ll admit to getting misty-eyed reading sweet story of friendship and resiliency. (You might also like: Tuesday Tucks Me In by Luis Carlos Montalvan.)

 7 New Dog Picture Books
A Stone for Sascha
by Aaron Becker
The little girl says goodbye to her beloved dog’s grave then leaves with her family to visit the beach. She throws a stone into the ocean which makes her think of the earth’s past — the first humans, great cities, and cultures. This comforts her. (Maybe it’s the circle of life kind of thing? I’m a bit lost in the interpretation.) She brings a smooth ocean stone back to her dog’s grave.


A Dog with Nice Ears
by Lauren Child
Do you love Charlie and Lola as much as us? From the authentic voice of Lola to the mixed media artwork, these stories are a favorite. In this story, Lola wants a dog! She even pretends to be a dog. Lola knows what will make the perfect dog –it must be more sniffy than barky, and hop, and have nice ears. Funny enough, the pet store has exactly the dog she wants! (Which looks surprisingly like a rabbit.)


7 New Dog Picture Books
My Stinky Dog
by Christine Roussey
The boy laments at how much his dog, Alfred, stinks. Most dog owners can relate to this, at least sometimes, right? After he shampoos the stinky dog with yummy smells, the boy notices that his dog is less carefree and playful. He takes Alfred outside to roll in the mud, back to normal stinkiness. The best part about this book is the illustrations which I totally adore!

Dog on a Digger
by Kate Prendergast
Gray and white with splashes of bright yellow tell this story without words of a dog and his person who work in construction. The dog accompanies his person while he works and while he’s on a break, Dog plays with his puppy friend. When the puppy disappears, Dog must find and save his friend.


Emma and Muse
by Nancy Lemon
Emma’s art is inspired by her dog, Muse. But, she gets mad at Muse. So mad that Muse leaves home. Emma feels terrible. She uses art to paint her apologies all over town. Kids will learn a little about artists and their inspiration as well as solving a conflict.
7 New Dog Picture Books




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