Peanuts Graphic Novel for Kids

If you’re a Peanuts fan, you already know that the beloved characters are some of the worlds greatest philosophers. Now, the Peanuts gang is back in their first graphic novel for kids, Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, based on the work of PEANUTS creator Charles M. Schulz, good for both kids and adults.

After reading the book, I totally agree with the title, Happiness is a Warm Blanket!

In this story, Linus, just can’t part from his beloved blanket, even knowing his Gramma is coming to make him give it up.

The other characters try to assist Linus in losing the blanket habit. Lucy buries his blanket. Charlie Brown suggests finding substitutes. Snoopy steals it. We feel Linus’ angst as he searches for his buried blanket, can’t find a suitable substitute, and races after Snoopy.

Graphic Novels for Kids

Graphic Novels for Kids
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Even when Linus finally tells his Gramma this, she still makes him hand over the blanket. “Gramma, I know you’re against kids carrying blankets. I know you want me to give it up now. But I want to say something . . . I need this blanket. It’s the only real security I have . . . Remember the last time you were here, and you drank 32 cups of coffee? . . .  Perhaps your drinking 32 cups of coffee was not unlike my need for a security blanket . . .

Luckily, Linus has planned well and tricks his Gramma with a dish towel.

Throughout the graphic novel are familiar, favorite scenarios. One is Lucy expressing her love for Schroeder, only to be rebuffed yet again. Remember that? They end with Lucy saying, “I’ll never get married.” Another favorite interaction is Sally calling Linus her “sweet babboo.” Which he hates!

My favorite zen moment comes from Pigpen – the only one of all of them (us) who is happy with himself. “I have affixed to me the dirt of countless ages . . . Who am I to disturb history?”

Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown is written by original creator Charles M. Schulz and adapted by his son, Craig Schulz, and Stephan Pastis, with art by Bob Scott, Vicki Scott and Ron Zorman. 

Watch the YouTube trailer for the Happiness is a Warm Blanket DVD. See the new iPad app — Happiness Is . . . now is available as an app.

Graphic Novels for Kids
© 2011 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

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  1. Julianna says

    Snoopy is my favorite…My first grade classroom theme is Peanuts, with lots of Snoopy stuff. Happiness is…First Grade!

  2. Robin says

    Sally is my favorite character. My daughter and her boyfriend (and yes they are teenagers!) dressed up like Sally and Linus the first Halloween they were dating. Now they both collect Sally and Linus “stuff”, from books to clothes to Christmas decorations. As she packs for her freshman year in college, I see many of those items going into her “take with me” boxes!

  3. Janas says

    Snoopy because he is the cutest character and he so creative like the Red Barron dance or his doghouse as a World War airplane!

  4. suzume says

    Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, I’m the Charlie Browniest. So he is my favourite… But I like Lucy as well…

  5. Mark S says

    My favorite is Linus. Growing up I had a poster on my wall that I still quote of Linus saying “No problem is so big or so complicated that it can’t be run away from.”

  6. says

    How fun! I LOVE Charlie Brown and his friends! My favorite is Snoopy though – had a stuffed Snoopy when I was little that I carried around with me everyone! Still get all warm and fuzzy inside when I see Snoopy =) I liked Snoopy, Liked Imagination Soup, and follow on twitter.


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