Best Children’s Books Apps

Books Apps

After trying out many book apps, I’m convinced that eBooks count as valid reading material. At the moment, there are many great books for young children but the selection dwindles for the tweens and teenagers. But I’m sure that will change soon as more people adopt the technology.

Also, I’ve read about eye strain, a concern of mine, and found that is it’s not so much about the screen as about giving your eyes a break – no matter what screen you’re using, Kindle, Nook, iPad, or computer. Just be aware of that as you read stories on any device.

Best 0 – 5 Year Old Book Apps

Books Apps

My favorite: Sandra Boynton’s Going to Bed Book and Moo Baa La book apps are both are exceptional, great interactivity and choices

Books Apps

Tale of Peter Rabbit Pop Out!

Books Apps

Nibbly’s Nose

Books Apps

My Ocean Friends (FREE)

Books Apps

Once Upon a Potty Girl and Boy

Best 5 – 9 Year Old Book Apps

Books Apps

Penelope Rose HD

Books Apps

My favorite book app: Frog and Ox In French and English, with gorgeous illustrations.

Books Apps

Elmer’s Special Day

Books Apps

3 Pigs Story Chimes (FREE)

Books Apps

How to Train Your Dragon

Books Apps

Toy Story (FREE)

Skip The Magic School Bus Oceans – it’s way too expensive and not worth the price.

Best Tween and Teen Book Apps

Books Apps

My favorite comic book app: Be Confident in Who You Are – Please buy this book for your tween – it’s really helpful and engaging. It’s realistic and shows how kids can navigate through the issues of middle school. I love books that are also teaching tools like this one.

Books Apps

Archie Comics (some FREE)

Books Apps

My other favorite: Nancy Drew Shadow Ranch

Books Apps

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    We love book apps for children at Ever After Publications! Check out our newly released interactive book for iPad ‘Doolie’ app now available at the app store ->

    Keep an eye out for our Christmas book “Billy and the Snowman” coming end of November!

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  1. […] We’ve found more educational ipad apps that encourage thinking, creativity, and math practice. My six year old’s favorite are Toontastic, Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa and Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Adventure. My nine year old loves Dinosaur Chess, Rock n Learn Multi Rap 7x, and Robot Tycoon. See our new best of the summer apps below. Then comment and tell us your favorite apps for learning and reading. […]

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