Strategy Game for Two — Nowhere To Go

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My kids and I LOVE Nowhere To Go, a new thinking strategy game from Educational Insights for two players.

I almost always win. (My philosophy is that my kids need to learn how to beat me. It makes them think harder.)

But no matter who wins, we have lots of fun. And I like that it doesn’t take forever to play. Maybe 10 minutes.

Strategy Game for Two Players

strategy game for two players

Win by trapping the other player so that . . . there’s nowhere to go.

How to Play Nowhere To Go:

1. Each player places his or her spy piece on the starting spaces.
2. Players take turns moving their spy piece as many spaces as they like across any bridges that are not     blocked.
3. Players end their turns by placing a blocker on any bridge.
4. The first player to trap the other spy with blockers wins!
strategy game for two players

It’s a lot of fun!

The Educational Insights games are no-brainers for parents like us who appreciate learning and thinking games, don’t you think?
Oh, and Nowhere To Go is supposed to be ages eight and up but it depends on your child. JJ and I play it; she’s only six.
strategy game for two players

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  1. We love boardgames but find it hard to find good 2 person games – would really love to win & check this game out. Looks like sooo much fun!!!

  2. This game looks like lots of fun. We can’t ever get enough good strategy games here! Our elementary school is also collecting games for their weekly board game club.