Photo-Writing: A Day in the Life of . . .

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Photography inspires kids – heck, it inspires me, too! Get your child involved in a photo writing prompt idea. Give her a camera, and the idea to document a day in the life of her favorite toy.

Last weekend, I helped 6-year old JJ with her “A Day in the Life of Bunny the Rock Star” photo-writing project.

Photo Writing Prompt

photo writing prompts

A Day in the Life of [Your Favorite Stuffed Animal]

Pick a stuffed animal or toy to be the star of your story.

Think of all the things your stuffed animal does throughout the day. Start in the morning, then move through the day. Ask your child guiding questions like, “Is your Bunny a kid or a grown-up? Does she have a job?” That will give you ideas for the photographs and writing.

Take lots of photographs. Set up photo opportunities and practice shooting from different perspectives and zoom lengths. Go on field trips and take photos at different locations.

Print out the best photos and glue them into a blank book. (We used BareBooks.) Use the photos as prompts to write the story that goes with each photo.

Share with friends and family!!

Day in the Life Ideas
(photos by JJ)

Eating lunch.

photo writing prompts

Looking for cupcakes.

photo writing prompts


photo writing prompts

More shopping.

photo writing prompts


photo writing prompts


photo writing prompts

Final Thoughts

What I loved the most about this photo writing prompt was the fun that JJ and I had together. It gave us purposeful, meaningful bonding time!

Don’t you think there are a lot of ways to modify the photo-writing to fit your child’s interests?

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Or what about doing a class photography project?

For classroom ideas, visit my friend, Katie Hyde with Literacy Through Photography at Duke and her Literacy Through Photography blog. Or see how Houston creates a FotoFest for their Literacy Through Photography program in schools.

It’s amazing to see how photographs can inspire so much creative thinking and writing — in any setting or country!

Have your kids used photography to write before?

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  1. I remember a past post where you said don’t bother with kid cameras. Do you have an inexpensive, durable digital camera you’d recommend for a 5-8 year old?