How to Turn Your Reluctant Reader into a VORACIOUS READER!

(Even if they say they hate reading or would rather be playing a video game!)

Why won’t my child read?!”

There’s so much pressure on us to help our children become successful readers.

But, you don’t want to get your Master’s in Education just to find a solution.

And you don’t have time (or interest) to read all the research about reading.

You want solutions for your child’s situation RIGHT NOW.

And you’re feeling more worried every day.

You’re not alone. 

I’ve parented and taught reluctant readers, too. 

I can help.

"Melissa shared a ton of information about why kids might not be reading, and how to entice them to read more. The daily homework helped with implementing ideas right away."

Jennifer, parent
Melissa Taylor

Hi! I'm Melissa Taylor, M.Ed.

I’m the creator of Imagination Soup, a former teacher and literacy trainer, a parent, a freelance writer, and a children’s book expert.

I’ve worked to support reluctant readers both in the classroom as a teacher and at home with my own children.

My passion isn’t just book matching (although, yes, I’m the crazy lady in the bookstore giving people suggestions),…but my passion is also facilitating a lifetime love of books in all children.

Neither of my children read by first grade nor started out as voracious readers. 

In fact, both of them (despite the fact that I was an avid reader and teacher) resisted reading.

Which was okay.

Because I knew what to do.

Using my years of teaching experience, research, and trial and error, I turned things around for my own children.

Just like I had in the classroom with my students.

And now, I want to share how you can do it, too.

This course shares how YOU can turn even the most reluctant readers into VORACIOUS READERS!

"My grandson and I are making progress. He wants to read me his homework assignments and has done this the past 3 nights. I would have never thought this possible just a week ago."

Judy S., grandma

Imagine if you could...

MOTIVATE your child or students to read.
HOOK kids on books.
WATCH kids fall in love with a good story.
SEE daily reading BY CHOICE.
LEARN how to match kids with books they’ll love.
GIVE your kids high-interest book choices at their level.
FIND SOLUTIONS for when kids say reading is too hard or too boring.
GUIDE children to success.

In other words,…

..see your child LOVING to read.

It’s not a fairy tale. 

It can happen.

"As a seasoned educator and lifelong reading fanatic, I strive to address the needs of reluctant readers, especially my own children. With the resources shared and insights, I feel I can approach my reluctant readers with a renewed purpose."

Karen, teacher

Let me support you with researched-based ideas to make this dream happen!

Introducing Reluctant to Voracious Reader!

Reluctant to Voracious Reader is an email class with helpful, motivating ideas and strategies…


(And shares reasons why they aren’t reading.)

Because we all know how important it is for kids to become successful at reading.

Reading ability = academic (and career) success.

Not to mention, we know that in order to improve in reading, a child needs to practice reading.

So if your children or students are NOT reading as much as they should,

…or even reading at all,…

let me show you how you can INCREASE and MOTIVATE reading.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or teacher, I’ll send you doable ideas to use with children ages 6 to 12. 

"The "Reluctant Reader Course" is a terrific springboard for getting your young readers on board. I appreciated the broad range of suggestions, the creative ideas and the encouraging tone. Excellent prompts for boosting the desire to read."

Hillary, parent

Here's a peek at what you'll learn...

  • REASONS WHY kids don’t like reading
  • INFORMATION to determine if there’s a phonics, vision, or processing issue 
  • HOW TO FIND GOOD BOOKS at their reading level
  • SCREEN TIME RULES that work
  • Why CHOICE is essential
  • How to USE INTERESTS & LIKES to find good books
  • How to design a COZY READING AREA
  • How to MAKE READING GOALS to increase buy-in
  • A plethora of HELPFUL STRATEGIES to encourage more reading
  • And more!


Let’s get your kids READING!

What will you get in the emails? 

  • information
  • ideas
  • handouts
  • book lists
  • and HOPE!

""I just want to say a big thank you. Although I am still on day 8, I have learned so much in the past 2 weeks. I just found my daughter reading in bed!! I am over the moon. Thank you so much."

Blanche, parent

Reluctant Reader to Voracious Reader

Email Course
$ 14
  • 10 emails over 2 weeks.
  • Helpful information, ideas, and strategies for children ages 6 to 12.
  • Printable handouts and homework to help you motivate the children in your life to READ.

"Melissa is a book wizard- she uses her background as a teacher, literacy specialist, and parent to help others reach their students or children between the pages of a book. Her insight, ideas, and support is invaluable, and her resources are helping get books in the hands of every kind of reader."

Jordan, teacher

Are you ready to transform your child's reading?